PRIVATE EVENT - Friday 8th September 2023


Cat balls

As usual we began the night with our white light protection on the stage then got everyone comfortable on the seats before calling out.

One guest felt like her hair was being tugged whilst sat on the front row. A whistle was heard and when trying to recreate this 3 huge taps came from the top right back stairs. 2 guests then proceeded to stay in this corridor whilst the rest were in the auditorium.
Shadows seen by a few guests over on the left hand side of the auditorium.
Our team member Alan picked up on the numbers 8 and a possible 0 in row E and a guest braved sitting in the seat he thought may of had some relevance but to no avail. Overall, we had a relatively quiet start to the evening in the auditorium.
No activation of the cat balls were witnessed when prompted.

Chris group

Equipment used

Scrying technique
Portal App
Tibetan Chiming bowl
Vibration Sensor
Touch sensitivity board

Very quiet in the changing rooms but we did witness a few unexplained things. A loud tap in the changing room were the scrying experiment was taking place, the word gypsy & mother came through the portal app, which could potentially link to former communications on past events with a travelling family and lastly a very strange "whining noise" which everyone heard and originally thought it has been someone's stomach but it hadn't been.
The guest who was doing the scrying experiment, didn't experience any face changes.

Equipment used

Vibration Sensor
Touch sensitivity board
Digital k2
Jingle bells
Cat balls

We spent about half an hour in the darkness of the basements and again overall very quiet. One piece of activity that did stuck out was the 3 gentleman in the back furnace room, heard what sounded like a ticking noise which came from the gauge/board which was linked to the furnace.
Obviously this wasn't linked anymore but the gentleman in question, was convinced it came from that gauge/board.


Equipment used
Vibration Sensor
Touch sensitivity board
Cat balls
REM pod

Human pendulum

Again very quiet room with no responses to our questions, no equipment activated on response and no interaction when the group did the human pendulum.


Equipment used
Just our senses

For the last 2 minutes we decided to stay in the main auditorium and try calling out again here.
This was quite fruitful with responses to our questions and was definitely the most active part of the investigation.
The responses seemed to come from the right bottom side of the theatre and gained a little story from spirits that there was a lot of jealousy witnessed in this theatre. The spirit in questions responded that they had committed an act of jealousy on another actor.
This was really frustrating as this was really only the main but of conclusive evidence we had during the evening and happened right at the end of our ghost hunt when we had to wrap it up.

Thank you to our guests who attended for giving their all and energy throughout the evening of investigating and GO TEAM PRIVATE EVENT