Private Event - Saturday 9th April 2022


Ryton Masonic Hall (Cam & Stephen)
Tonight's event was a private event with 14 guests.
We started the night with our introduction to LVI and then proceeded to the Temple Room where we carried out the white light protection.
We remained in this room and began calling out. We don't normally use equipment straight away but we did take a K2 device and a proximity bear with us.
We didn't hear any taps/bangs/shuffling or other noises so we decided to place the K2 on the table in the centre of the room and the bear on one of the grand chairs.
We continued with our questions and started to receive a little bit of activity from the bear with the odd K2 response too.
Stephen could see a dark shadow figure in one corner of the room and the guests in that area said the temperature had dropped. Cam placed the bear in that area and straight away we started getting responses. We each took it in turn asking if spirit was there for them, no response received.
We started hearing noises from outside the room, one which was quite loud and sounded like a door being closed forcefully.
Stephen moved the bear to the opposite corner and one of the guests then sensed her father was there. We asked if she could ask questions and the bear was used for the responses by spirit. Our guest appreciated the experience.

Catherine's Room
We moved to the room which was Catherine's, at the top of the stairs.
The guests sat around the table and placed the K2 at one end of the table with the bear at the other.
We asked if Catherine was with us and both the K2 and the bear lit up. We continued with the questions and soon established another spirit had come forward. He confirmed his name was Ken by lighting up both devices when asked if Ken was his name. Nothing much to report on from the Portal App.
Guests reported seeing a shadow moving outside of the door. We asked for any spirits to join us. All of a sudden the room went even darker and one of the guests was a bit shook up as she said she saw a balding man rush up to her. Was this the brigadier?

We tried a bit of table tipping and the ouija board, in the room next to the changing room. No activity to report.

Quick break to warm up and then we split up.

Room at the bottom of the stairs
Cam took her group to the room at the bottom of the stairs.
We called out but got nothing. We even tried the music box but again, nothing.

The Brigadier's Room
We moved on to the Brigadier room. Again, we called out but got nothing. Also nothing on the Portal App or music box.

We decided to all have a break and then regroup with the rest of the guests.

Temple Room
We decided to try a human pendulum with all of the guests.
Our first guest to be selected by spirit was Tammy. After establishing what was the sign for Yes and no, we started with our questions.
It seemed we were communicating with Catherine. After around 10 mins, Caroline's spirit went and we were greeted by a spirit called Connor. A few of the group had picked up on a 'Connor' when doing the ouija board.
The energy soon dissipated.
Another guest tried and for a short while it seemed like we were discussing with the small child.
Our guest then said the energy felt different. We asked if the same spirit was still with us and she said out loud, 'No'. Then she looked like she was about to cry.

We closed the human pendulum down at this stage.

Ryton Masonic Hall

Stephen’s group when we split.
Temple room

We placed the proximity bear on the masters chair and K2 on the table. We called out and got nothing for about 10 minutes, then the bear and K2 lit up at the same time when calling for the Brigadier. We asked different questions but got no more responses.

The kitchen

2 Guests wanted to do a lone vigil together, so I set them up with the proximity bear, no response’s to questions asked by the guests.

Catherine’s room

No responses from K2 on asking questions.

Re joined Cam’s group

Great night at Ryton and lots of happy guests. GO TEAM RYTON