Richmondshire Museum – 23rd October 2021



So we returned to our EXCLUSIVE location Richmondshire Museum and what a night it was with one of the most incredible pieces of evidence caught but more of that later….

After our group photo & white light protection was done by all our guest’s, the team set upstairs with all the guests & Chris set off to the end of the building downstairs so no noise contamination was had between groups…. Chris set himself as comfortable as he could with the proximity bear only for company in the recreated Victorian street…. The bear immediately was responding to Chris’s questions regards whether it was spirit who had previously interacted with the LVI team on the previous investigation…. Movements were also being heard in the room next to the street & Chris put his big brave pants on & off he went to figure out what the movements were…. With continual noises being heard in the next room, what threw Chris was through the window he could see the bear being activated as he was calling out… Was this spirit interacting with Chris?? So he headed back into the main street area where the bear was being activated & continued calling out….. Feelings of potentially being touched & possibly of voice which sounded like a “woooo” but we couldn’t be 100% sure it wasn’t the group upstairs…. The name ada had been mentioned on the live & a few taps on response when asked if she was linked to the shops that had been recreated by some of the original furniture & fittings…. So with Chris hearing the group upstairs reacting quite loudly to whatever was going on he grabbed the proximity bear & headed upstairs…. Now Chris has been doing this as a hobby for nearly 8 years now & what he & everyone witnessed upstairs has to be one of the most credible evidence he has captured, so take a seat & read on….. Chris entered the staff room where all the guest’s were sat around the table & placed the proximity bear on the table next to the k2 the group had been using & asked any spirit to come forward & communicate, light anomalies were being seen, curtain moving but couldn’t 100% discount maybe a draft from the window & movement heard from the stairwell on the other side of the doorway… Then all of a sudden an alarm started going off to which the 2 curators for the evening Haley & Jade had no reason why this had gone off & they never have gone off before…. 5 minutes or so since the alarm had gone off and guest’s continued to hear & feel spirits presence & out of the blue, from nowhere with the bear in the middle of the table were no one could touch it, the bear seemed to be pushed over so forcefully by unseen hands that it slid 30cm or so across the table & began lighting up….. Everyone around the table screamed & couldn’t beleive what had just been witnessed that spirit had actually physically pushed a trigger object forcefully across the table and the fact that every single guest, curator & Team member were around this table & had seen this physically happen with there own eyes….. We all got our heart rates back down after the excitement of what we had just seen & continued to get guest’s clothes being tugged, one guest had to leave the room as she had began to feel very emotional & her throat felt so much pressure it was making her cough which she had no cough throughout the time she had been in the building & previously throughout the day…. Things began to calm down with spirit using so much energy & we decided to split up & take some guests into the artefacts room across the stairwell….. A whistle was heard & a team member asked the group if they had whistled & they hadn’t, creaking of the floor as unseen feet where on it, k2 responses as questions where being asked along with movement of one the chairs in a display… We then moved the k2 over to an display door which seemed to be responding to questions but no responses actually on the k2….. The group then headed up to the attic space to which k2 responses of a spirit who grew fruit in the area, movement from behind a door which was inaccessible along with shuffling heard on the stairwell immediately below us…. The wind began to howl outside & few of the things we had heard, we had discounted because of this…. The curator of the building jade felt like her chain had been tugged & a metal box had been tapped when asking spirit the questions about the fruit…. We then headed for a break & again split up…. Chris took his group into the medicine room & immediately taps were being heard from the display & Stephens group were also getting draughts across there face but we couldn’t discount that it could of been a draught from the fire exit door…. Chris then took a group into the next room as movements were being heard from in there whilst both Stephens group & Chris’s group were stood in the medicine room…. Every settled in the room & k2 spikes immediately began as we agreed that spirit was attached to the artefacts inside the room… The portal spirit box Was introduced & immediately spirit told us that they were “watching” and “responding” but what threw us more so as they portal box was on the cabinet behind us all was being rattled by unseen hands….

We asked if the spirit was linked to the trains inside the cabinet but we got more responses when we asked if a lady was linked to some sort of wool machine that was situated next to it…. Guest’s continually felt cold spots & tickling physically on there arms and every now & then responses by this lady to questions would be greeted by the rattling of the cabinet glass… Chris heard movement in the mining room & felt like he had been touched on his finger and yet again when asking spirit if they were doing all this, they would respond with rattling of the glass cabinet… Again this evidence was heard by all guest’s which made it even more credible & no one was near enough to be rattling it….. We moved into the street area again but all went quiet & seemed the energy had drained because spirit had used so much of it as the evidence we had all had was just amazing…. The night had absolutely flew by and it was 2am & time for home…. We all agreed that what we had seen upstairs with the bear was amazing & even our skeptics for the evening had no answers for why or how this happened…. Is there spirit inside Richmondshire Museum?? Absolutely & we have witnessed what I think as some of the most credible evidence ever I have witnessed during my 8 years of Investigating since starting it as a hobby… Massive thank you to all our guest’s & we are throughly happy that you got to witness this with the team….


We began the evening with our group photos and light protection. We called out to spirit ( not sure what the room was called) and didn’t get any response’s for a while. We then had 2 ladies who said to each other “sorry for touching you” but when we turned on the torches, they were stood apart approximately 3ft. They stated they didn’t move and said it felt like someone brushing past them. It went quite again, then we had a couple of responses on the K2. We decided to move over to the staff room, whilst Chris was still downstairs doing the live. Alan and myself asked the guests to take a seat around the table and placed the K2 in the middle. The K2 responded to questions regarding a mature male spirit, and guests where informing us all that they felt something had touched them, either on their neck or shoulders. A few guests, kept saying they had seen light anomalies around the table. We got the feeling that the male spirit liked to sit back and surprise us when not expecting. Chris joined the group and placed the proximity bear on the table next to the K2. Then all of a sudden an alarm was going off behind me on a digital clock. Chris spoke with the curators and they didn’t know how or why this had happened. We continued to try and communicate with spirit, but it seemed to go quite. We told spirit that we were going to go for a break, when all of a sudden the bear was forcefully pushed down onto the table and you could hear the plastic on the back of the bear hit the table, it was that hard. We all was in amazement as to what we had just witnessed, and thanked spirit. We continued to ask spirit if they could do it again but they just made the bear light up. After having a break we decided to split into small groups, Stephen took his group into the room with manikins and display counters ( chemist). The group called out to spirit and asked if they could go towards the rempod and make it light up, but had no responses. We then asked spirit if they could touch any of us or move something. We heard what sounded like tapping on glass and something shuffling around behind the fenced off area. We then had the feeling of someone blowing on our faces when asking spirit but could not rule out the fire exit door being open slightly, causing wind to rush through. We then decided to go upstairs and swap with Alan’s team and try and make contact with spirit again in the staff room. We had a few responses to our questions and these where video recorded. We thanked spirit for the evening and met back up with the other guests and team members. We had a Fantastic set of guests with lots of energy. Brilliant evening had by all. 


After the fantastic activity that we encountered in the staff room, we had a quick break and split the guests into smaller groups. I took a group of female guests up to the opening of the attic space. The landing area was quite small and there was a locked door that led into the attic. Unfortunately we had no access to this so concentrated on asking if there was any spirit with us. We placed a K2 meter and the proximity bear on a small shelf and spoke out the spirit to connect with us via these devices. Just beside the attic door there was a wall mounted metal box that had various keys inside. After asking out for spirit and getting no audible or visual reply, one of the guests (Steph) opened the key box and started to touch the keys. An amazing thing then happened – the proximity bear lit up on its head and this took everyone by surprise. We thanked spirit and asked if they had made us aware that Steph shouldn’t be touching the keys. Immediately the meter lit up in response. Every time Steph put her hands up and touched the keys the meter went off. We asked spirit if they were warning us not to go in the attic and again the K2 meter lit up brightly. This really got the energy flowing and the guests were delighted with the response. Guests ask a number of questions and spirit told us they were female and that there was a male spirit in the room on the other side of the door. We got the impression that she was trying to protect us.

We left the attic and went down to where Stephen’s group were conducting their vigil. There was a lot of excitement in the room as guests felt as if they were being blown on the face next to the opening to the pharmacy. Stephen asked me to stand there and then asked spirit to blow on my face. I was absolutely gobsmacked as an icy cold blast of air hit me directly in the face and this happened every time Stephen asked out. I am 100% sure that this was not a draft as the force was so strong on my skin. A number of guests experienced this which was absolutely brilliant and everyone remarked that their legs and hands were very cold.

My group stayed in this room and placed a K2 meter on the pharmacy counter. After the usual calling out and not receiving any responses, one of the guests placed her hands on one of the medicine cabinets and the meter flashed right up into the red. This shocked and excited everybody and we asked the guest to do it again. Exactly the same response with the lights flashing into the red. When we asked spirit if this was not allowed the meter again went straight into the red. By this time our guests were having an animated discussion as to who this spirit could be. The guests lead the questioning and we found out that this was a female spirit who had worked dispensing medicines and was very protective of people who are not qualified. Brilliant! One of the guests is a qualified medical professional and she was allowed to place her hands on the medicine counter without upsetting spirit. I have never seen so much meter activity in one room at the same time.

With time running out, I took my group back to the staff room with a meter and scrying mirror. Although we got no meter activity, one of the guests (Steffi) conducted a scrying session while the other guests watched on. Her face appeared to get older and her eyes were closer set and quite small. Steffi said that she could see an older man’s face with jowels and quite a thin face. We got the odd knock and tap before we went to our final room of the night. This turned out to be an excellent move as we went to the farming/craft workshop and connected with a spirit who claimed that they were a male farm worker and gave us multiple strong hits on the meter. This rounded off a brilliant night with an abundance of amazing activity. Our guests were still talking about the activity as they left the building at the end of the night. Richmondshire Museum was truly fantastic!