Ripon Police and Prison Museum – 03 December 2021

GO TEAM Ripon police Museum

ROBBIE’S Write Up:

Our night began by welcoming the guests into the museum and lead them over to base camp where Chris did his welcome speech… We lead the guest over to the stairs where we did our group photo once we took the group photo, Me and Chris then Proceeded to take the group down the hallway to do our white light protection with the group, during the white light protection we where getting taps and knocking which was quite Intriguing we then did some calling out whilst in the hall way and we where getting some great responses. We then decided to split up and I lead my group upstairs to the cell block. Up on arriving up stairs we stood in the hallway and tried some calling out where we heard multiple noises come from the cell at the bottom of the corridor a few of the group members who where with me upstairs started calling out and we got a response which sounded like the hatch on the cell been closed … Chris decided to try a experiment by telling all of us to get in the cells. Once all of us where in the cells on the upper block Chris started his experiment where we where getting some good responses we could hear heavy footsteps walking about the guests in cell 7 heard tapping behind them …… we got some great activity. Chris had placed a emf on the stairs where we got some great activity and a few of the guests where calling out and we got some good responses. I then asked if the spirit was pushed down the stairs violently and we got a great response…. Upon on further investigation up stairs we where getting the name James through on a guest device. We got multiple names through like Connor Jenny and many more we got some very Intelligent responses through we where getting cell 7 through cell 10 on a guest device we got the word team through and then the word cell 3 the spirit wanted Chris team to go in to cell 3 so I shouted down and asked Chris …. Our team then moved Down to join Chris before our night ended Ripon police museum was an amazing experience and the guests where absolutely amazing.
Thank you to everyone who attended and looking forward to seeing you all again soon