Ripon Police and Prison Museum - Saturday 25th March 2023

Chris's Lone live -- Cell 10

Radio white noise Transmitter
Cat Ball
Proximity Bear
Automatic light sensor

Chris set up his lone live inside the only cell with a door on the upper level so that he could close the door and not contaminate the guests on the ground floor. Right at the beginning of the live, Chris thought he had seen a mist on the screen on his phone which looked like a face.
With viewers now beginning to join the live, Chris began to call out to any spirits that were part of the fabric of the building. Viewers picked up on a young lad who had done something to protect his younger sister. The number 7 and or the letter S was picked up on. Movements were heard by Chris towards the floor but he couldn't be sure if it was potentially himself. To confirm this he asked if any of the equipment could be affected but no confirmation was made.
One viewer picked up on the name Stephen for the young lad and his sister possibly being Annie or Alice. No movements were heard or equipment responses to confirm this. Chris then kept getting intermittent pains in head.
The story started to evolve from the viewers and it became that the young lad had killed his father due to protecting his sister from him. When the story was told out loud by Chris, movements we're heard in the cell but nothing conclusive from the equipment had confirmed this.
Shadows were being seen by viewers moving around Chris and then a slight tug on Chris's hoodie was felt by him.
Chris then in his minds eye felt like he needed to say the name Richard, which actually later once Chris had finished the live, this name had been mentioned with guests downstairs.
When the name Richard had been called out by Chris, the bear lit up which was the only time it had repsonsed. Viewers then mentioned that they were from possibly the 1800s and Richard was now trying to stop the story from being told. Viewers then started to see Chris's face change but the only thing that he felt was the intermittent pain in his forehead which also 2 viewers had been feeling at home but on their right hand side. This could have been the impression of Richard's pain when his son struck his dad when trying to help & save his little sister from him. What was even more amazing was that a guest downstairs when doing the white light protection felt a pain in her right eye and she couldn't concentrate on doing the white light protection.
The viewers then became a little worried about Chris's behaviour on the live and his change of his face so decided to close the live down and take himself out of the environment.
All in all a fairly quiet live with more emotions being felt by viewers but not any concrete evidence of things moving or the equipment being activated when questions were being asked about the story we were getting.


Equipment used
Proximity Bear

A small group was taken upstairs by Chris and one guest felt a sense of not being able to go up the stairs which may of been spirit trying to stop us doing so. Once upstairs, Chris then took the small group to cell 10 where he had done his live on Facebook. Once inside the cell, again no responses from the bear to our questions but one guest felt pain on the side of her head which tallied up to what Chris had experienced on his live feed. Possible movement of the chain for the window but we couldn't be 100% sure. All seemed very quiet in the cell but a few reported the dark going darker then returning back to its normal lightness.
Few of the guests then joined Chris's group from downstairs and she had mentioned she had heard some whistles between the 2 groups.

Ripon Police and Prison Museum.
Saturday 25th March.

Chris, Ged and Colin.
Team and guest gathered in the main room downstairs.
Chris carried out the white light protection and the went off to do his lone vigil in the upstairs part of the museum, Ged and Colin split the group up into small groups and set them up in different parts of the ground floor cells, we started in the corridor with Ged at one end with a K2 and Colin was at the other end also with a k2, both k2’s had 2 solid green lights when laid on the floor and when picked and moved to another part of the floor, this lasted for a couple of minutes and the went back to normal. Ged and Colin then spent the early half of the evening floating between each group.
Colin spent time with a group of guest in the main base room, the equipment the guest were using were cat balls, k2, rem teddy and spirit talker, when Colin called out nothing seemed to happen but when the female guest called out the k2 would light up to the orange light, we had a few taps on the chairs and there was a bang on the table in the corner of the room were the equipment was kept, Colin called a few more times and the K2 seemed to respond to his voice, it seemed that spirits preferred to answer the female guest because other male guest tried calling out but nothing seem to happen, Colin then left to join another group in the cell where a motorbike was, the equipment the group was using was a spirit talker and rem teddy, the group called out the was a few taps that sounded like they came from the motorbike, Colin called out but nothing seemed to happen, after a few moments towards the middle of the cell, there was a sound that sounded like someone was slapping their lips when they are eating, Colin then joined a group near the stairs and asked if they had much activity and they said the only had slight draft of cold air go past them but nothing else as happened.
Ged and Colin then regrouped and then we had a break by this time Chris had finished lone vigil and had joined us.
After the break most of the group was following Ged upstairs, Chris and Colin and four guest were about to leave the base room when an empty can of monster drink rolled between the legs of a chair, Chris bent over to inspect the can when the chair in front of him tapped, Chris said if we take a photo of it and check on it later to see if it as moved, so Coli took a photo of it. Colin remained in the base room with 4 guest who did not want to go upstairs, so they said they would like to do some table tipping, it was slow to start with but once we all took turns to call out, the table started moving, we established that the spirits name was Henry and he had died in Australia and that in was in visitation to try and find his wife who’s name was Isabel and his 2 sons, he knew they ended up in the workhouse, he thought one the guest that was helping with the table tipping looked like his wife, when we asked this question a light appeared on the back of the female guests hand, activity seemed to die down, it was at this point the group upstairs came down to finish of the last 20 minutes or so.

Ripon Police and Prison museum :

Chris welcomed our guests and photos of attending where taken,Chris gave the LVI/NEPI background information and carried out white light protection.

Chris,s live upstairs level of prison cells :
Bottom floor investigation by Ged and Colin :
Equipment used : own senses and eventually K2 meter .

We spread out along the main corridor and into the cells due to the amount of bodies feeling that if we could collaborate and contact with the K2 devices between the corridor and cells in may prove to be an interesting experiment!
We laid 3 K2 meters 1 at each end of the corridor and I in the middle cell room.
We started asking out and received little acknowledgment of any spirit activity a few knocks and noises we couldn’t clarify, so turned on the K2’s. 2 of the K2’s the one at the top end of the corridor (towards main entrance) and the 1 left in centre of corridor floor where emitting 2 solid green lights on asking questions there was barely any change , so it was decided by the group to move the centre corridor K2 from the centre floor to the cell window. On asking a few questions we got some replies, some guests who where in the end cell ( containing an original cell door from another prison approx 1600’s) asked Ged to come into the cell as they where getting a lot of response from the K2 device they where using . Colin during this time was supporting other guests towards the top of the corridor although the team and all guests where on same floor they where doing and trying different approaches and using equipment guests had chosen to try.
On entering the cell Ged observed the guests having little reaction with the K2 but they stated it had been very active Ged started to ask questions receiving no reply and asked 1 of the female guests to ask questions, it was thought that the spirit was only going to engage with females.
Ged felt the spirit may not want to interact with him as the spirit was aware of his past as a prison officer/policeman and felt intimidated.Ged started to explain to the spirit he understood his reluctance in wanting to interact but all warders are not the same and in the spirits day they where known to be very violent and disciplinarian. EventuallyGed managed to get the spirit to interact it was then understood it was a male spirit 1 guest Charlie who is a sensitive got the name Archie/Arthur but couldn’t pin point it. The spirit stated he’d been murdered on the steps of the police station by being struck by a truncheon on the back of the neck by a guard who was exonerated from any wrong doing as he’d stated he’d fell down the stairs after a confrontation! The spirit said he’d been jailed for stealing and whilst asking questions it had been to feed his wife and children who he was now reunited with but visited the old place of where his life was taken. Lots of empathy and understanding where shown to Archie/ Arthur and that’s why guests believed he was interacting so well , it was a surprise when he didn’t want to engage with the female guests as much but answered all Ged’s questions!
It was at this time Charlie stated he felt uneasy as things had died down in the cell and the atmosphere had changed and he was picking up on a dark figure lurking around the doorway where Charlie was stood on asking out a few noises where heard a moan and sound of what sounded like a truncheon being hit on a metal door.( This sound had been heard earlier before guests arrived by Chris Ged and Colin and sounded like a truncheon being dragged along a barred gate )
Charlie suddenly said he felt like he was being pushed into the cell and doubled over after stating he felt like he’d been struck on the back , Charlie’s wife asked to look at his back and 2 truncheon shaped welts where seen on his back ( see photos) this was witnessed by Ged and 4 guests who had been watching Charlie the whole time and KNOW. He had not touched his back whatsoever.
It was decided after this event and Chris’s live coming to a halt we would all regroup for a brew before guests accessing the rest of the facility with the equipment they wanted to use to carry out further investigation.

Tea/ coffee break :

Top floor cells:
Ged ,Chris guests,
Equipment used: SB 7 spirit box ITC devices, REM bear,K2.

We set up on the top floor guests choosing the devices they’d like to use for the next stage of the investigation, no guests where split into groups and they went where they wanted or felt like they’d like to investigate Ged , Colin, and Chris wondered between guests and locations so no one felt out or didn’t have interaction with the team.
Second floor cell level.
We set up the SB7 ITC device and REM bear along the corridor , James 1 of the guests doing a lone activity in cell 10 ( where Chris had done his live) everybody took it in turns to ask out , nothing was heard via the SB7 and what appeared to be random words came up on the ITC devices nothing been able to be linked together effectively. The REM bear activated on a few occasions and we asked for the spirit from downstairs we’d engaged with earlier to come through as he’d stated he’d tell us him name later when we went upstairs no name came through, it’s as decided we’d all gather on the stairs some on top landing and some guests down the whole length of the stairway hilts they asked out
stairway :
Equipment used :
Cat ball ,REM bear , own senses.
All guests wanting to take part sat along the stairway on asking out for the spirit from down stairs earlier the cat ball activated , and REM bear at the same time (situated on small landing between sets of stairs approx 12” apart)
We asked out but received little interaction so guests asked if we could re visit the bottom floor cell where we’d had such good interaction as the night was nearly over.

Bottom floor cells: Equipment used,
K2 (Wendy as used earlier) REM bear,
Guests asked out and received little response Ged asked out and received responses 1 guest felt they were too many people in the cell and when Ged asked was this correct the K2 lit up again ! It was decided the night must come to an end , we all thanked the spirits who’d interacted and overall not much activity everyone appeared happy with what we’d gotten from spirit, great guests lots of laughter and energy , thanks to the spirits of Ripon Police station and prison for a very interesting investigation.