Ripon Workhouse Museum - Saturday 9th April 2022

Ripon Workhouse Museum - Chris's Lone Master's quarters

Equipment - Laser grid, Proximity Bear & REM pod

REM had been placed in the doctors room & hadn't been activated all the full duration whilst Chris was in the building. Bear was placed in multiple areas including kitchen table, staircase & corridor but again this was not activated. Laser grid was set up in the school room whilst Chris was in the kitchen & when Chris eventually entered hear, he noticed that the UV laser had actually drained which would coincide with what also happened to his torch when he entered this room, but more of this later

Constant taps in the corner which also happened to the group later in the evening... Responses seemed to be a little girl called Jessica & her older brother, Robert which had been picked up by a viewer... Jessica & Robert were constantly respinding to Chris's questions about games they played... Chris even began a game of hide & seek with them which they seemed to enjoy with again constant responses... Constantly flicking between the kitchen & main gallery due to footsteps & bangs, he then settled near the masters room, stairwell & corridor leading to the entrance of the building... Viewers were picking up on Robert playing bow & arrows on the stairs and the bear had been moved to step 6 as he had been seen there by the viewers but the bear didn't respond... Chris proceeded up the stairs & 2 really prominent whistles were heard when Chris prompted spirit... Chris then settled back in the corridor trying to catch Robert on the stairs & when a viewer on the live prompted Chris to shout out there parents name George & Marianne, a what can only be described by Chris as a clearing of the throat was heard right by him in the corridor... This certainly put the heeby jeebies up Chris... The energy seemed to drain & Chris headed to the school room which he had noticed that the 2 colours from the laser grid pen he had set up, the UV light had drained yet the red laser was still showing... Chris settled on one of the school desks & viewers said that George had followed him and he was actually not a very nice man and he was violent toward his wife & children... A name of William had been picked up by another viewers and upon asking spirit to confirm a big loud bang on response was heard.... What really wowed Chris was all of a sudden his torch that had been fine previously to the 45 minutes in the building, all of a sudden turned off.... Did the spirit not like the lights in this room with the laser grid pen being turned off & now his torch... Whistles also heard and again slight taps on response... Chris then proceeded to thank the viewers on the live for there interaction and as he was doing this heard footsteps right out the door along the corridor and when he checked, no one was there & viewers validated this by saying they heard them also.... Chris then headed back to the group & did a Lone Vigil with 4 guest's in the cells and again whistles were prominent

Group Kitchen

Constant taps in the corner of the kitchen to questions asked about children.... K2 spikes when questions asked and also kitchen table had tapping in the middle of it whilst guest's had there fingers all around it asking questions... Children seemed to be present with k2 spikes

Upstairs rooms - Mirror scrying, k2 & spirit box

K2 spikes again to questions of a male, name Ben came through on the spirit box along with a lady guest taking part in the mirror scrying and seeing a gentleman with a moustache coming through.... Taps around the room and underneath the table responded by this gentleman when asked if he had a choice to be in this Workhouse..

All in all a brilliant night... Go team Ripon Workhouse Museum