Robert Atkinson Centre -Saturday 4th December 2021


Stephen’s Write Up

So, we started the evening off by welcoming and checking our lovely guests in. Chris carried out the introduction and white light protection. We decided to start the investigation off at the top of the stairs. We set up a K2 and called out to spirit to communicate with us. We didn’t get any responses so decided to go to the main corridor and try there. We called out to spirit and received knocks, bangs and whistling. One of our brave guests Christina, decided to go into the ladies toilets and do a call out session, as we had heard what sounded like a door shutting inside there. She quickly came running out , as she had seen one of the cubicle doors shut by itself. We continued in the corridor, as some of the guests felt that a strong presence was with us. I kept looking into the ladies toilets through the long pane of glass, as you can see into the toilets as a small amount of light was coming in, when all of a sudden a dark figure of a person appeared and was looking at me. I can honestly say hand on heart, that I have never been so scared in all my life, as to what I saw. I could see the full outline of the figure, head , shoulders and body. Chris took the guests into the toilets as I had to take 5 minutes to compose myself. We then decided to take a break and have some refreshments. We started back with our investigation in the main hall, setting up the touch sensitive bear and the rempod. Chris used a device to build up the energy and the group held hands in a circle. Chris called out to spirit and immediately the bear lit up and the rempod in the middle of the circle lit up. One of our guests felt lightheaded and sick and had to sit down, so Chris asked spirit to back away from her and respect our wishes. We continued to communicate with spirit and had quite a few responses with the bear, when asking about Alice. We then decided to go back to the main corridor and toilets to finish of our investigation for the evening. All in all it was a fantastic evening and our guests were brilliant with interacting with spirit. I can honestly say that there is definitely something going on in the Robert Atkinson Centre and would highly recommend.

A big thank you to our guests for the evening and looking forward to seeing you again soon