Robert Atkinson Centre - Saturday 5th March 2022

Robert Atkinson Centre

Chris, Kathryn and Vicky started the night by welcoming the guests into the hall where they had set up all the equipment.
While the team where setting up we noticed that the light had been left on at the entrance to the sports hall, this would go on and off intermittently during the night, sometimes seeming to do so on command.
Chris gave the welcome talk to the group and then delivered the white light protection before the group we all moved out into the main corridor at the entrance to the building.
We then were introduced to a spirit possibly named “Gerald” who brought with him a strong smell of alcohol as well as burning.
When the team questioned him further on the matter he revealed by reponding on tbe k2 meter, that there has been a fire and he caused it on purpose.
The team could not confirm it it happened in the current building or what stood on the land previously. He was however linked to a school as a potential Headmaster.
During this session Kathryn reported being able to hear music constantly all but muffled like you could hear it through the floor from the second level.
Other member of the group heard this in bursts through out this part of the investigation.
A small party broke off from the main group and used a talk board in the gentlemens changing room and made contact with a spirit called Agatha, who died in 1816, and told the group that she was linked to a school.
During this session we heard muffled voices, knocks, bangs, taps and footstep coming from all over the area as if the spirits were circling the group.
It was then that we decided to have a short break and then split up.
Kathryn and Chris took a group into the cafe, then splitting the group again between the dining area and the corridor that leads back out to the main corridor.
Kathryn’s groups for a few responces on the touch sensitive bear that was placed on the serving counter but it was a very week interaction.
Kathryn’s group could hear the group calling out the name “Katherine” so decided to join them in the little corridor to build up the energy.
Using a white noise app, two very clear voices came through talking over each other consistently but still clear enough to hear what they were both saying.
A little girl called Katherine, who was 4, who fell/ was pushed to her death. She kept saying how sad she was which was awful to hear in a child’s voice.
The second voice was a male, very harsh tone, was not happy that the group was there and asking so many questions even though we were being respectful.
Whike Chris was calling out the handle on the door behind him went down as if someone was trying to get into the room with us. This made us all jump alittle and the group started to feel very uncomfortable with the angry tension that was filling the air in the little room.
Kathryn asked if the gentleman was the reason why she felt so uncomfortable in the building on investigations and Chris noticed a huge dark shadow rise up behind her and around the other people she was standing with.
We then decided to go leave the area as the spirits were responding to requests of lighting up the touch sensitive bear and the K2 meter.
At one point we even thought that the bear moved on demand.
We then decided to move into the outside classrooms/ meeting rooms as and the group picked the one that was a small dance studio.

The group did not get a lot in this room, the odd knock and bang but they were intermittent and we were unable to locate which radiator they were comming from. There is however a huge mirror covering one of the walls and some of the guests reported movement and the touch bear did light up once.
The group headed back into the main building to join some of the other guests who had stayed behind in the main hall.
They told us that they had been speaking to a spirit called Robert who remebember Chris and the blonde girl that talks to much from previous investigations.
Robert did not like Kathryn as she reminded him of his wife who had cheated on him during his life and used some very colourful language to describe Kathryn/ his wife.
The whole group decided to take a break before the last hour of the investigation.
We all decided to go into the female changing room with the equipment.
We sat “Wendy” the K2 doll on the floor and got some responces again from the gentleman “Robert” who used Wendy to communicate with us.
Some of the guests were using the mirror at this time with a red torch and images appeared on one of the guests face of a large moustache and it seemed to be wearing a type of hat.
The activity seemed to shift from the room, so we decided to go back out into the main entrance corridor where we sat Wendy on a chair in the entrance to the female toilets.
We got in touch with a sprits named Alice who we have met before at this location and she was happy to confirm the details of her life and death that she had told us on previous investigations.
The strong smell of burning came back again during this session and but Alice wasn’t able to tell us if that smell was associated with Gerald or not?!
We thanked Alice for comming to talk to us again and ended the night with a round up chat in the main hall.
Robert Atkinson centre it was a pleasure and I am sure we will be back soon to investigate again.