SECRET LOCATION - Friday 16th June 2023

Chris's Groups TOP & 2ND FLOOR --
Equipment used
K2 meter
Echo vox App
Estes method
Table Tipping
Dowsing Rods
Once settled in the room and placing a k2 meter on the fireplace mantle and REM pod on the floor we decided to get some energy going by adjoining hands in a circle. With questions asked if a gentleman was present who was being picked up by a guest, taps on response were heard, also a breathy sound was heard by a few guests also. Guest picked up on a accident happening but was made to look like a suicide which tied in with what the group picked up earlier. With questions being asked to depict what happened, also K2 responses were being seen by the group.
A cold breeze around one guest's ankles was felt. Then one guest picked up on the name Albert which had also been picked up on the short live feed that Chris had managed to do down in the basements. We found out that Albert had a business partner that dealt with contrabands and more specifically brandy. His business partner and Albert had a argument that led to his death over dealings of cargo that they disagreed on and it was an accident but was made to look like a suicide but Albert didn't feel aggrieved by this. All this was confirmed by K2 responses and taps that the group heard.
We then decided on a table tipping session that provided us with little responses of movement which could be seen by the shadow on the ceiling from the K2 light on the floor which also was responding to our questions. One guest then picked on the name of his business partner and him being Scottish and meeting Albert from being in the armed forces previously, all this was confirmed by slight movements on the table. We then had an amazing bit of conclusive evidence that the Scottish gentlemen had links to a location we had investigated previously which was just around the corner, the Grand Athenaeum. We then used the echovox app to try and get Albert to physically talk to us and a guest felt a breeze around her and then her name came through on the app which shocked us all. We also asked if they could tell us how many where in the room at the time and the word "NINE" came through which tied in with the 9 guests and team member who were in this room. We then felt the atmosphere shift and decided to head downstairs to the 1st floor.
We then decided on an Estes method experiment and placed a guest in a room at the opposite end of the floor. The only words that came through was "IM HERE" and "SSSHHH". She also picked up through her headphones of a man's voice but just could hear grumbling. The guest also felt a feeling of touch on her left leg and a presence to her left hand side. This was strange as there was a loud tap heard by the team member who was writing down the words to the guests left hand side which coincided with the feeling she was experiencing on her left. Also the rattling of the window was heard but couldn't be conclusive that it wasn't made by the music coming from the bar across the road. Once the guest returned to the group and to see if any of the groups questions had any links, nothing major stood out apart from the group had asked if a "Man was present" they words "I'm here" and the guest hearing a "Man's grumbling" voice, could be connected but was this just a coincidence??
BASEMENTS -- Equipment used Bells REM pod Wendy Doll Ghostbusters REM pod We decided to settle in the pitch dark basements, with us all scattered across the large area. One guest picked up on a tall gentleman down in the basements with us and looked after the contraband/alcohol that was stole from ships. A massive loud bang on the metal cabinets was heard and certainly gave us a scream. Movements were heard in the storage area and a breath in a guests ear was heard by an unsuspecting guest who sat on his own round the back of the basements. What really shocked us all, as we had been down in the basements for about half an hour or so and no equipment had activated then all of a sudden, Wendy activated and was responding to our questions about the gentleman who was in the basement with us. We found out that this gentleman was part the argument that Albert and his Scottish business partner had through Wendy and the K2 responses. A guest then used a whistle to see if spirit would respond and we all heard clear as day a "WHISTLE" It was then that time of night where we had to end our investigation.
Thank you to all our wonderful guests and their participation.

Claire Write up
Secret location Hartlepool: prior to guests arriving and on entry to the venue we immediately got the feeling of a male. This caused us to experience chills and goosebumps. The name Barnaby came to mind. Whilst on the walk around Sophie witnessed a male spirit walking across the bottom of the staircase, it's unclear if this was the same male. We had the impression of at least 6 spirits with probably 2 children wanting to interact. Following the welcome talk and white light protection all guests settled down on the middle floor. Given the sweltering conditions in the venue, we spread out across 4 rooms, a corridor and staircase. This made for a tricky investigation. Initially we received taps in response to requests. The name Elizabeth appeared to trigger a response with a door slamming upstairs. 2 men went to investigate and reported they both had a personal experience of chills and goosebumps when entering 'the room with the fireplace'. Guests in a room with Sophie experienced poltergeist activity with a box opposite them, moving in front of their eyes!! At about the same time we heard loud footsteps above us, knowing no one was there we relocated. Top floor: guests own equipment, bells and cat ball. The top floor was even warmer than the previous floor, we continued to be spread out across 3 rooms and the upper balcony. We started to call out and several people began to feel woozy, it's unclear if this was heat related or spirit affecting them. Some guests reported feeling a male presence and some reported to hear a loud "sigh". At the top of the staircase spirits were sharing their story. A death had occurred by someone falling over the top bannister. With responses on the K2 and with several guests receiving words such as 'murder, hanged, death' on word generated apps. Interestingly, the guests had these apps on silent and were in different rooms! One guest states the app was responsive in real time to questions being asked suggesting possibly an intelligent spirit. Chris arrived after the live and reported feeling the floor shudder as though someone had fallen from above!! Again the name Elizabeth who was a nurse/governess was brought forward. It was felt Elizabeth was not a pleasant person in life! Following the break we split into teams. Claire, Sophie and Michael in the (nice cold) cellar. Numerous pieces of equipment inclusive of Rem pods, Rem bear, bells, cat ball. Ouija board. It was a slow start but when we began to smell a strong Sulphur aroma we questioned if this was a person linked to the war when this area of Hartlepool was bombed. We got responses! The bells began to sway. Claire went to place her torch in a small hole in the wall, but all hell broke loose when a guest decided to stick his hand through the hole and made Claire scream, jump and run!!!
When in the cellar we had drafts and again a male "sighing". We performed a Ouija session but the energy was too weak to move the planchette far enough, although we got yes/no responses. A guest who was videoing the session captured some very strange light anomalies. Ground floor, ghost tune app, K2 and motion detection device. Strangely we continued to talk about the world war bombing and the German pilot came through. He had been shot down and was a POW. This was confirmed through the K2. He had not returned home and was in the house because he had worked there. He was an angry man! Thankfully, one of our guests was wonderful in communicating in German and was able to ask questions and translate the answers from the ghost tune app. When the rem pod went off on the other side of the room at the same time several people heard a growl, those in the door way got visible goosebumps and felt a strong male presence. The word generating apps stated "Thank you for being Kind" Top floor, Estes method, K2 and word generating apps. Prior to commencing the investigation in the room 4 people complained of shortness of breath which quickly lifted when they asked spirit to step back. On Estes we kept getting "help, cold, sick and tired, nurse, water". Alongside this we picked up on a male who had been sent there as treatment for his sexual preferences. The "governess" was providing education and treatment. Several male names were suggested on the app. We pieced together that this may have been a facility whereby people brought children and teens to be educated and/or treated! Some of the people brought here may have had their lives taken prematurely. With the word drown and sea on the apps at the same time via the Estes saying cold and water! Finally, when we were all together again, other members of the investigation confirmed they had also received the "Governess" from male child spirits!! On packing up and leaving, both Sophie and Michael saw, at the same time, a man at the top of the stairs peaking around the door, as if to check out if we were really leaving. An excellent night, with loads of information and laughs.

Michael Report
We moved up on to the 2nd floor into room 4, where Claire conducted the white light protection, after this we asked people if the would like to spread out in to different rooms and settle down, while Chris went of to do his Facebook live down the cellar. We started to call out to the spirits of the building as a group once it wasn't long before some guests could here foot steps above us on the next level, so one guest and Michael B went up to investigate to what was up there and when we got on 3rd floor both of us had goose bumps on both of our arms and the part of the building was actually boiling hot
we rejoined the group and started to encourage the spirits to come and join us on the 2nd floor and it wasn't long before we were getting taps and bangs to our questions and one guest was picking up a little boy called Charlie so we decide to put a k2 and cat ball on the floor in the middle of the corridor and asked the spirit of Charlie to confirm by going towards the lights but we got no response from equipment but there were a few taps and bangs from upstairs so as a full group we moved up on the 3rd floor to see if we interact with the spirits up there, after calling out for a while Michael B asked Charlie one of the guest if he was picking upon anything and he said it felt like he was swaying so Michael B asked if this couldn't of been some one who was hanged but at the same time on the land. A group of guest were picking up on as if some had a accident on the stairs or been thrown of the top and hanged we got to the bottom of the story that someone had been murder on the stairs we think the building could of been used for a rehabilitation center for guys and electricity shock treatment because back then been gay was seen as been a sin and people were punished for it, we told the spirits that this wont happen any more it's acceptable these days and we celebrate the gay community,
we decide to take a break as It was boiling hot on the 3rd floor. After break we split up in to smaller groups with Claire and Michael B taken guest down the cellar and Chris lvi went up stairs with the rest.
Cellar equipment used, rem bear, cat ball, voice recorder, ouija board, and a guest had her own camcorder running on the stairs, and we had a string of bells hanging from the celling, we started to call out to the spirits of the building to join us it wasn't long before we picked up on a negative spirits an d a few guests started to get pains in there chest we asked the spirit if they could move the bells hanging up while we were doing this Claire went to put her touch in a hole in the wall as she done this she screamed and jumped a mile because one if the guests hand put his hand in the hole from the other side of the wall if never seen Claire so scared
everyone calmed down and we could feel the energy shift in the room as if a spirit had joined us and was checking us out so Claire asked the spirit who was with us if they could move the bells and everyone was amazing as these bells started to swing a little bit we said thank you to spirit for all of there energy, we decide to up the ouija board and the guest on the board were calling out and could not feel the planchette pulsating they asked spirit if the would like to comunicate through the board they said no so they asked would you like to talk to us another way the board went to yes we asked if this spirit was freighted of the negative spirit in the building it went to son we decided to close the board down and take a short break before moving on to the room next to base camp.
Room next to base camp equipment used cat ball rem bear and the portal app we set the portal app away and asked the spirits if the could talk to us through the device and wasn't long before we could here someone speaking German one guest in the group could speak German so she had a full on conversion with the gentleman and we found out that he was a pilot and shoot down from the skies and ws keeper as a P.O.W and he did say that everything was documented about the incident as a team we were all shocked with the evidence we got in German this just wowed us.
Top floor as a small group room with big fire place in it equipment used cat ball k2 and the scenery wrighten blind folds and ear phones . We got the feel this space could of been used as some sort of mental asylum for people in the adult hood but had the brain of a child and it wasn't a very nice atmosphere feel in there the guest using the blind folds keeper on righting help a few times and one guest had a app running with said the name Michael a few times on it while this was going on this is when we got  Michael is queer this I why we were picking up on some sort of therapy room it wasn't nice in this room we then only had about 30mins of night left so we went down to the second floor and found a room next to the room what we called the dead fly room.
Equipment used coffin music box and Wendy doll this room made people feel on edge like if something was fling to happen we felt like the spirit in this room was mischevious and was using this as there hiding place from the negative spirit we put the portal app on and spirt said that they wanted some music playing so we put the music box on near the door and after a few minutes it started to go of and some guests could see blue light orbs in the corner and Claire picked up on the name Steven so she asked Steve if he liked the music and the music box went of again he wanted the door shut because this was his safe place he did say he was going to show him self and manifest few guest saw a dark shadow mist near Claire could this of been Steven shown him self and the 2 young girls in the group did not like this room at all and was stood with there backs against the wall, it was time to leave the spirits and end the investigations so we thanked the spirits and head back down to base camp. What a night and this building has so many more stories to come out of it and its a very active place with multiple spirits coming forward to tell there story's on why ther still here.