Shildon Railway Institute – 17th July 2012

We started the evening with our white light protection. We started by calling out in the large hall on the ground floor, it was extremely quiet but had 3 guests who were sat on the edge of the stage that saw shadows. We then moved into the cellar where again we called out and had guests being touched including Team members. The smell was horrendous as the sewer pipe was leaking so unfortunately we didn’t stay down this area for too long due to the smell.
After a break, We then went upstairs where we called out, had a couple of knocks and orbs seen by guests.
We all split off where one group stayed in the room upstairs to continue investigating the knocks. Another group went off to investigate a smaller room then we all re grouped for a break.
After the break 3 guests went back into the cellar where we got one response from the K2 and then nothing after that. Back up to the main hall where we tried the boards but again, no response . Another break then tried laser grid but we still got no responses and continued to be a quiet night. Excellent time was had even though it was “Ghostly quiet” (sorry)