Staincliffe Hotel - Friday 5th May 2023


EQUIPMENT USED -- REM pod, cat balls, music box & light sensor

Chris ventured up into the attic area for his live. He placed a light sensor on the stairs which didn't activate at all through his live. He also placed the music box at the top of the stairs which did activate once whilst he conducted his live.
So once settled up in the dark corridor, Chris ventured up to one end and immediately the REM pod was activated when he asked if spirit was with him. Children were picked up with it potentially being a small boy either Sam or James one viewer had a feeling of.
Chris then got a shock when viewer and himself heard clear voices and after running downstairs to the 1st floor hotel rooms, no one was found to be making these audible voices.
Once back upstairs, he settled and again the REM pod was activated by spirit.
A viewer then picked up on a gentleman who was killed by a smoke inhalation during a fire and as Chris was asking out for this gentleman there was a massive BANG on response along with more voices heard by Chris and the viewers which gave Chris another trip downstairs to check if no one was on the 1st floor level making these audible voices and again, there was no one there.
Back upstairs in the attic and settled viewers where picking up on a name of JIMMY who was the gentleman who died of smoke inhalation and what was quite incredible was downstairs in the basement our team with guests were picking up on the exact same name at the same time. This was truly amazing.
Continued loud bangs and shuffling surrounded Chris on his live feed along with REM pod activity as the spirit of JIMMY was communicating with. Also Chris then picked up on a "LAUGH" with his own ears which the viewers also heard something similar.
One viewer was drawn to one of the rooms as it made her feel very sick so Chris then placed himself in here. Bangs on response as Chris asked questions and something happened to Chris which he couldn't explain. As he looked at the camera, delivering the live feed, he saw a dark, hooded figure stood in the door way which later in the evening corroborated with another guests.
This lady saw as we were in our groups the exact same figure up in the attic. This was truly astounding, the fact that a lady had picked up on seeing the exact same figure as Chris had seen too.
Unfortunately even though the attic area was extremely active and giving us some amazing evidence, Chris had to retreat with the group and continue with the guests to investigate the rest of the building.
This was one truly amazing live feed with audible voices, loud bangs and REM pod activity being witnessed.

STAINCLIFFE HOTEL -- Chris & Sharron's group -- Attic Area

EQUIPMENT/ACTIVITIES USED -- SB11 spirit box, music box, cat balls & Human pendulum.

We then split up into our group and Chris along with Sharron headed up into the dark attic. We settled at the far end of the attic and formed a circle to try to create a bit of energy.
Lights were being seen across the walls and taps on response to our questions to spirit. Children were being picked up on and cold draughts across people being felt. What was truly incredible was a guest saw a dark, hooded figure stood next to her and this coincided with Chris seeing the exact same figure. A gentleman also then started to cough which Chris asked if he had been coughing during the day and he hadn't. This again linked to Chris live with the gentleman who died of smoke inhalation and big taps on response when asked about this.
A human pendulum was then introduced with a child coming through who was in the attic but couldn't find her parents along with shadows again being seen between guests.
The SB11 was introduced as we tried to get names linking the children and gentlemen but nothing conclusive came through. A lady kept seeing a shadow stooped down and hooded which was brilliant as it linked with Chris's experience on his live. The energy seemed to lift and the group realised the time had flew by so decided to head to the basements.

BASEMENTS -- EQUIPMENT USED -- Lantern fields, SB11, Cat balls

We headed down into the depths of the basements and our expectations of this part of the building was massively disappointing. This shows that areas of the building can be psychomatic as you expect a dark basement to be filled with activity but we spent 20/30 minutes and had no activity at all apart from a fluctuation change of energy on the lantern from RED to GREEN.
With this we headed up to the chapel area.

CHAPEL -- EQUIPMENT USED -- Black scrying mirror, Contact fuse stick, SB11 spirit box, Glow Balls

We tried an experiment with our contact fuse whilst a guest doing the scrying mirror. No activation of the fuse happened but whilst the guest who was scrying saw change in her face with buns on the side of her hair. Bangs by the kegs were on response when asked if a monk/priest was present. The flag also above us was moving but we couldn't be sure if it was a breeze from somewhere in the room.
Chris then played the lords prayer which seemed to stir something as our brave line vigiler in the toilet area heard movements in the area he was in on his own and also the kegs banging against each other whilst this was being played. We couldn't determine but definitely thought it could have been a monk/priest as then after that the energy dropped quite quickly and all went quiet.


After having a quick call out session in the corridor, we all decided on the Nautical Room, Number 12 which later we found out was quite significant.
Settling down we immediately had a response on the REM pod which activated when we asked if a spirit was present with us in the room. This made everyone jump which created laughter which then in turn brought us movement by the bathroom. We introduced the VOX app and immediately had the name JIMMY come through and then the MEL meter activated at the same time. We asked the question "How many guests are in the room now" and everyone heard a response from the VOX app "ONE" & "TWO" which shocked us all as there was 12 of us in the room. This also had us thinking that the room number was 12 too, was this why we were drawn to this room? Also the word "SEA" was heard by everyone which we asked if he was Naval and a response of "YES" made us all take a deep shock of breath between us all. This was the "Nautical Room" and number 12 which had responses heard by all so was this all linking together? We also had the REM pod activating on the window sill again which was truly amazing and unfortunately the time had beating us as it was time to go.

Thank you to all our guests who created some great energy. Parts of the building were very quiet but parts gave us some amazing & incredible Paranormal activity. Go team Staincliffe Hotel

Team, Chris,Allan
Michael B
We started the evening with Chris, giving the LVI and NEPI talk, and then we did group photos.
Chris went off to do his Facebook live, We all moved into the main dance hall on the first floor, where Allan conducted the white light protection.
Once Allan was done, he went off to do his own white light protection.
Michael B was left with the group with the 2 trialists, so Michael asked every if they would like to move to somewhere in the room where they are drawing to and get the self's comfortable.
Michael started to call out to spirits with most respect, and we don't mean them any harm or to judge them. Michael asked Spirit's to come and join us in the main hall and come towards his voice, we were getting a few taps on response, so Michael asked spirit's if they could copy his knock on the table more than one guest herd a faint tap coming from the bar area, and then Allan opened the door and startled every one witch made the atmosphere between the guest a bit more relaxed.
Allan asked the full group up they were picking up on any spirit's, and one guest said they there was a gentleman spirit present with us, but he wasn't willing to come to come forward, we decided to put a cat ball in the door way were another gue6was picking up on a child spirit who seemed to be walking around the tables in the room, but these spirit's weren't communicating with us, another guest did say if we were to come in as a smaller group the spirits might be willing to talk to us.
we decided to move into the Chapel area as one big group where Allan started to call out to spirits, and we had some responses by taps on the empy beer kegs on the floor Allan then asked spirit's if the could move the flags above our heads there was a st George flag English flag and a Scottish flag and it seemed like on request that the St George flag started to sway and Allan asked if they could make it move faster then the Scottish flag stated to move quite fast, but we couldn't be surten if the was a draft coming from anywhere, one guest was getting a uneasy feeling of the door way were the toilets are in the chaple so Allan asked him if he wouldn't mind standing there to see if he can pick up on anything, we were getting plenty of tapes coming from the beer kegs even when we were talking normal with each other, we decided to take a break at this point.
Equipment used cat ball rem pod and k2 one guest was using their own recording device.
We placed rem pod in doorway and cat ball on the ledge everyone made them self's comfortable Michael started to call out to spirits and to join us in the basement Rob was picking up on a boy spirit who was maybe about 12 13 yrs old and that he had passed when he was hiding and he was pickingbup on a fire and accident Michael the asked if the was correct what Rob was saying and the cat ball light up, Michael was giving a name in his head earlier when walking around as a team so Michael asked the spirit if he was called Jim or Jimmy and the cat ball light up and one guest she jumped a mile with freight with the cat ball going of so Michael asked spirit to confirm his name was Jimmy we herd a shuffling nose from the corner of the toom and then the cat ball went of so we were definitely talking to a Jimmy who was a teenager boy we then asked if he was from the 1920s but there was no response we said thank you to spirit for there comunicauon.
Sayonce big room next to the chaple.
One guest placed a voice recorder on the table with the candles, Allan started to call out to the spirit's. This took a few moments, but it wasn't long before Allan was picking up on a female spirit present with us with it been next to the chaple Michael asked if she was a female Victor linked to the chaple we seemed to be getting lots of taps and bangs coming from the chaple, Allan was picking up the lady wareing a bonet on here head and Rob one of the guest was getting the name gwen or qwenny, guest were picking up the table started to vibrate and seemed like it was starting to twist so Allan asked the guests to incurage spirit's to the table by shooting out as a group to aske the spirit to come to table a few guests felt like ther was a knocking coming form underneath the table, we called it a day with the sayonce and we had a 20mins break before splitting into smaller groups.
Chris, Michael,Andrew
Basement equipment used cat ball k2 rem
Chris started to call out to spirits and the atmosphere felt different to before when we were done as a larger group, Chris asked guest if the could stand in a circle to build up the energy again, and Michael started to call out to Jimmy again bit we had no response from him and then Andrew asked if there was any spirtits present to come and join the group and we don't mean them any harm, Chris asked the group it they were picking up on anything a d no-one was getting anything we didn't have any Response on the the devices.
We then moved on to the chaple area.
Equipment used
Black mirror,touch lantern, glow in the dark balls, and the fuse device.
Chris got the guest to stand in a line while another guest was mirror scrying we started calling out to spirits of the building but it seemed quite one guest was stood in the toilet area and he came out because he herd a shoveling noise in there and it frightend him, so Michael had a small group with him in that area and placed the cat ball in front of the mirror were some guest were getting the feeling of been watched,Michael asked the spirits if they like watching people from this room and making them feel uneasy and the cat ball light up and people were shocked at this who was in the room seemed to go quite after that.
last 30mins in roo. B12 what can I say just wow,
Equipment used k2 rem bear and the rem with all the lights, Michael asked the spirits to come and join us in this room then Chris walked in everyone laughed, Chris set up spirit box on his phone and straight away asked If there was a sir in the room with us and he didn't even no why he asked that was long before the rem went of and it sounded like morscode but we were in the nordicle room we then asked if there was a navy person with us and th k2 went of on the bed, and the spirit box was saying 12 witch we were in room 12 and we had 12 people in the room then the spirit box said excuse me not long after the rem went of in the window again and ine guest felt like if some thing had walked past him, it's was time to say goodbye to the spirits and we thanked them for ther comuniction.
This place has so much more to give and there seems to lots of different spirits Willington came forward and talk.

For me personally this has blowing my mind as I was driving to the venue and was close to it I got the name Jimmy and once I was in the basement with just the team I knew this was the place Jimmy will be, I asked Chris if I should keep the name for later he said yes so I waited till we went back down there and Chris said someone on his live had picked up the name Jimmy aswell. 

Staincliffe hotel

Sharon & Alan’s group

Equipment used: OUIJA board, VOX app, REM bear, cat balls, glow balls

We set up our equipment at various places in the room and commenced a callout. Guests heard the odd quiet tap so we decided to switch to the vox spirit app. We received the name ‘Grace’ and then a message that appeared to want us to leave. The message was ‘leave here’, and then ‘get out’ so we decided to try a Ouija board session to make contact. At first, the planchet moved slowly but then began to pick up pace. Spirit identified as female but was not willing to spell her name. When asked if this was the lady who had appeared in one of the guests minds-eye wearing a bonnet, she replied yes. We asked about her age and she presented the figure 25 or 26. She said she hadn’t lived or work there so this was a bit confusing and we could not find out why she was there. The planchet slowed, so we closed down the session.

Large room (next to chapel)
Equipment used: calling out, intuition

As we re-visited this room, we commenced a callout to spirit but the room seemed very quiet. One of our guests (Rob) felt uneasy and stated that the ground underneath his feet seemed strange, as if it was moving. He then said he had the image of arms and legs but couldn’t understand why he was seeing this. There appears to be a very interesting link to what we uncovered in the next room, which was the chapel. No other activity was encountered but you got the feeling that we were being watched.

Equipment used: Crystal and board, touch sensitive bear, Tibetan bowl

We started the session by using the Tibetan bowl for about 90 seconds to create some vibration and energy. We then set up the crystal board and conducted a crystal session in the hope that spirit would communicate using this method. We used a large table and set the guests around the table so everybody had a good viewpoint. Spirit immediately confirmed that they were with us by swinging the crystal to yes, and confirmed that they were male. When asked if they had worked in the building, they responded no. We then asked if they had lived in the building and again, they responded no. This confused the group, so we probed further. Spirit confirmed that they were associated with the land but way before the building has been constructed. We asked him to spell his name but the crystal didn’t change direction and when asked if he could read or write, the answer was a clear no. A guest asked if they were are buried on the land and there was an immediate swing to yes. At the same time, there were a few taps on the beer kegs which seemed to confirm that spirit was eager to talk and reveal their story. Alan asked spirit to take the crystal to the numbers on the board to show what year they had died. This was amazingly clear as the numbers revealed 1273. Spirit confirmed they were buried on the land under the building with many others. Could this have been the reason our guest Rob had the image of multiple arms and legs and that the ground felt strange (in the other room)?. We asked if he was buried with any of his family and he replied no. This activity was amazing and it will be interesting to see if we can find out more, by researching the history of the land.

First floor bedrooms
There was virtually no activity on this level, so no report is available.

What a brilliant group of guests with great energy and some good activity! We can’t wait to return in September