THACKERAY MEDICAL MUSEUM- Friday 1st December 2023

Thackray Museum of Medicine
1st December 2023
Chris, Alan, Michael B, Katie and Colin

Chris and the team welcomed the guest and then Chris gave the welcome speech and explained to the guest what white light protection is and then the team and the guest moved to a bigger room and Chris went off to do his live feed, Alan gave the white protection to the guest. We then moved to our first location.

Autopsy and Mortuary room

Katie, Michael B, Alan and Colin

Cat Ball

We asked the guest to sit around the autopsy table, Katie and Michael B remained near the entrance and Colin was at the other of the room near the autopsy table Alan joined us once he gave himself the white light protection. It was silent for a while, Katie and Michael B could gentle taps coming from behind them, and a few guests were saying they could also hear knocks and taps. The team took it in turns to call out, asking the spirits to join us, a couple of the guests were saying the were getting a cold breeze around them and saying it felt like someone was standing in front of them. Alan joined the team and stood up by Colin, Alan started calling out, we had a few taps, knocks and what sounded like footsteps, we went silent for a while, we had a small white plastic piece of plastic thrown, which landed under the autopsy table, we all heard it and at first thought it was a stone/pebble that had been thrown, two guest later said it looked like the top of a hypodermic needle. We did not get too much activity, but it did feel like you were being watched, we heard a few sounds and Alan said it sounded like it was in front of him and within in seconds Alan said it felt like I he had his bottom touched. We remained in this location for a fair while and then decided to have a break and work out our next location.

The team split into two groups, Michael B and Alan took one group and Katie and Colin the other group, Katie and Colin decided to take their group to a location knowing as the school room.

School room
Katie and Colin

Rem bear, spirit talker, Wendy, Cat balls, Bender, Ouija Board,

We got the guest comfortable and the guests split into two groups, one at each end of the room, Katie was with one set of guests and Colin was with another set of guests, Colin groups had the Rem bear, Bender and the spirit talker, the Bear went off a few times but not to the questions Colin was asking, the spirit talker came out with words like, Sister, twins, get out, Leave us, Colin’s group kept asking for spirit/spirits to make themselves known but nothing, Katie and Decided to get the guests together and do the human pendulum, Katie and Colin called out to the spirits and asked them to choose a guest who they would like to use, A female guest was chosen, Katie and Colin joined her in the circle. We were picking up on a Child between the ages of 12 and 15 that went to school on the land before the work house was there and then that spirit left and we seemed to get a spirit called Mary, who a witch and her bones were once at this place, she was tried for murder and put to death, whilst we were doing this we kept getting small taps and one guest took a photo of the doors, which had two panes of glass in them and on the photo there seemed to be slight image of a man, the spirit of Mary left us and the room seemed to go flat so decided to break and recharge ourselves and decide our next move. Once we left the room, Colin was with a couple of guests and one of the guest ( Charlie ) said he saw the shadow of a man and he picked up on this spirits name, which was Aurther W, Charlie was not sure what the w stood for, So we asked Diane, a staff member of the museum, at first she was not sure and then Charlie said I think the surname is Willey, Diane said that the person Charlie was talking about is the gentleman that founded this building, Diane took Charlie and his wife and Colin to the place were there was stone laid in his honour.

We made our way to base room, were regrouped and decide our next move.

The Chemist Shop

Katie and Colin

Ouija Board, Cat balls and rem bear

We made our way upstairs to the Chemist shop and got the guests comfortable and started with the Ouija board, Katie opened it, the Rem bear went off a couple of times but the room just seemed to be very flat and nothing seemed to come through the Ouija board we remained in this location come a while but nothing seemed to want to come through, Katie and Colin decided to take the guest to another part of the museum, we joined Chris and we were calling out, there seemed to be voices but very faint and you could not make out what they were saying, we split into small groups and Chris asked Colin and Rob ( a guest ) would we like to join a mall group in one the small rooms.
There was about seven of us in this small room, Chris called out asking if there was any children that would like to come and join us, the Bear went off a few times, Colin placed a cat ball in front of a glass barrier but that never went off, Colin called out and asked if any of the spirits could copy him by tapping on the glass barrier or to move any of the displays but nothing happened, we had a few knocks on the pipes but we put this down to the pipes cooling down, we asked for a few more times but was getting nothing, so Chris said how about joining hands around one of the displays and see what happens.

Assisted childbirth display.

Chris and Colin

The guests

We joined hands around this display and Chris began to call out to the spirits or the spirits of anyone that had used or operated this piece of equipment to come forward, we got no response, but Chris did a whistle and there did seem to be a whistle or some kind of noise come back, Chris went to investigate where it might be coming from, we had no activity so we moved on.

Street scene

Chris and Colin


Cat balls, K2, Rem bear and white noise radio.

There was about ten guests that had joined Chris and Colin, one of the guest placed the Rem bear next to the pig and after a few seconds the bear was very active, there did seem to be someone with us but just did not want to interact with us, Chris called out to the witches that are suppose to be active here to come out and make themselves known, Chris played white noise and we did seem to get laughing through and the leave came through a lot, Colin asked if they could say someone’s name that was there in the group but that never happened, we asked them to make us leave, or to do something that would make us leave, Chris asked how many of us are in this room? But they never came back with any replies to our questions. A few guests were saying they could feel something around them, feeling breezes around their legs. We remained here for while longer and Chris said how finishing the investigation where we started in the autopsy room.

Autopsy and Mortuary Room

Autopsy Table

Chris, Katie, Alan, Michael B and Colin

Some of the guests place their hands on the autopsy table to see if the spirits would come forward and move it anyway, Chris started calling out to the spirits of the museum to come forward and move the table, there was a few guest feeling cold or feeling breezes or someone standing in front of them, one of the guest who was stand at the top of the autopsy table showed the spirits what he wanted them to do by banging on the table, but nothing happened, the table did seem to be lifted a couple of times and then dropped down, not much was happening, the investigation came to an end the team thanking the guests and the spirits.

Thackray Museum, its truly a remarkable building with loads of history, its just a shame we never got to investigate a bit more of the building and that we were limited to a small section, a really great group of guests, that really made an entertaining investigation.

Thackery Museum
01 Dec 23
Alan, chris Lviand Michael B group.
Main street.
Equipment used. K2, touch sensitive beer, rem pod thermal image gun, cat balls dowsenrods.
All guests made them self's comfortable as they could.
We started calling out the the spirits of the building to come and join us in the street area, one guest was picking up on a gentleman figure with a bit of authority in him and he was happy with us been there and there were a few guest could here a very faint breath and some other guests were getting a cold breeze on there face so we asked if this was the forman of the work house and the rempod went of in the door way, we goy the feeling he didn't like us. In that area and he made one guest feel very angry, we all then herd a very load whistle coming from the back of the room and we got the impression that it could have been a worker going about his or her daily business. So go the gusts to form a circle to build up the energy while we put the k2 in the middle of the circle so Chris lvi started calling out to spirit to come and join us in the circle and we mean you no harm and one gusts called Paul was picking up on the name Mr Doug, we asked if Mr Doug was with us but no equipment went of Chris then asked if there was a George present with us and the k2 flickered, George was camunicateing with Chris and one guest had to pull out of the circle as he wasn't feel to good and.felt that George was making him feel this way.
Chemist room
K2 and rem pod
We placed the k2 on a unit in the middle of the room and it started flickering without anyone calling so we asked if that was you spirit could you make the green light flicker.
The green light flickerd to red but Allan wasn't convinced so he put his own k2 next to the one that was flickering and asked spirit if they could make the other green light change colours and put all there energy into the other device it didn't change colours so we checked the unite if and there was stuff in the draws what could of set the k2, we opend the draw and the k2 stopped and the shut the drawbthe k2 started to flicker so this was debunked this room seemed pretty quite so we moved onto another room on the 2nd floor .
School room
Human pendulum.
We had about 10 guest who joined in with the Human pendulum one guest was chosen by spirit to stand in the circle we asked spirit to indicate yes and no by pushing the gust backwards or forward backwards was no forwards was yes, we were talking to a female spirit who was a nurse and she worked in the hospital dureing the first world was looking after the soldiers in the 1920s and she loved her job and she used to dispense the medication to the soilders who were injured at war. And she was very proud of her job, these session cam to an end as the guest in the middle had felt as if the female nurse and left the space. So we decided to go and have a break and a warm coffee .
After our last break everyone split into smaller groups Alan took a couple of guests to the mortuary for a ougi boars and others gusts went of and done there own investigations for the last hour and Michael b took a couple of guest upstairs to do some mirror scrying.
On the mirror scrying session the 2 guests who took part in this activity had a male come threw to them and the same male presence showed him to the 2 lady's and the 2 lady's said it was the same gentleman they were talking earlier on in the night with the dowsen rods and they were amazed by the evidence what they had witnessed. Time come to an end and we all joined Chris and the rest of the guests in the mortuary for the last 15mins over all it was a pretty active night at the Thackery Museum .