THE GEORGIAN THEATRE - Friday 7th June 2024

Kathryn & Sharon
K2 meter & Sprit talker

We started out by spreading out around the room. We set out a K2 and as we started to talk about the quakers using the room as a meeting space we received spikes on the meter.
We established we were speaking to a lady who lived in Richmond who was connected to Pearse family from Darlington. She also knew a lady called Elizabeth Fry who was a famous Quaker who was featured on the old five pound notes.
She lived in Richmond and she married into another Quaker family who owned a butcher shop situated on the street where the theatre is now.
The family owned other business’ too and donated money to the local churches who helped poorer family’s in Richmond.

The lady’s energy faded and we were joined by a much stronger spirit.
A Benedictine monk Brother Henry but affectionally known as Harry.
Harry was devoted to the church for his entire life. We were able to pin down he was alive during the Norman conquest and William the conquer was his King when he was alive. He knew what the doomsday book was and he had been a part of keeping account of it for the town of Richmond.
Harry had a relationship with a lady called Hasel who worked as a maid in the castle for a noble family. They had an illegitimate child, a daughter who was named Alice. However at some point Harry met Hasels mistress who was named Lilian and had a relationship with her as well. Harry still stays here in this area because of Lilian and she still comes to see him as they were unable to see each other when alive. They spend their time together in the afterlife.
Harry is still there now because the land the theatre is built upon is the land he grew herbs, tended to animals and made candles on the land for the church and he was happy to stay there because of Lilian.
He didn’t mind talking to us, even with his religious beliefs.
He enjoys the performances in the theatre and often plays pranks on the actors.
This was all confirmed via the K2 yes response and names from the spirit talker app.
He agreed to follow us through the building however Harry never came back through.

A sprit of a dancer was also picked up on but this was more residuals energy and not interactive. Shadows were seen under the door frame blocking out the light from the stage.

Michael, Kathryn and Sharon
Dressing rooms
Table tipping, mirror scrying

We set up two mirror scrying experiments and a table tipping experiment up however we got no responses when calling out. The energy in this area seemed flat so moved on to the box office

Michael, Kathryn and Sharon
Box office entrance
Cat balls and spirit box

We spread along the corridor and started to call out to the spirits of the building. Michael asked if there was anyone there that we had already spoken too and brought up the name Edna.
We got voice responses to our questions through the spirit box from Edna.
Edna confirmed she was a well known lady in the town. A bit of a character with a hard reputation but well respected. People knew not to mess with her.
Michael asked what words people would used to described her and the word ‘tart’ came out folllowed by the phrase ‘looks like a man’
Enda confirmed that she was a bisexual lady and enjoyed company of men and women.
Her character came through when questioning about the kids that came to the theatre. She confirmed she didn’t like them making a mess and would correct them with a smack if they were working their ticket and were being ‘little bastards’
She was known to be a fighter and would often have to beat up people who would try to get in without paying.

We thanked Edna for her honesty and funny responses and wrapped it up for the evening as the night was drawing to an end.

A very active first night investigating this brilliant little venue.