THE GRAND ATHENAEUM - Saturday 9th September 2023

Grand Athenaeum.

Prior to the event Sophie had witnessed a full bodied apparition downstairs near the cellar, reporting he had ginger hair on moving down to this area she witnessed a small very black orb reporting it looked like a moth. Later in the evening this 'moth' made itself known on more than one occasion.

Main Snooker Hall, Tall Claire and Sophie.
After the White light protection we settled into the areas of the room we felt drawn to. Guests reported seeing a shadow moving in the room adjacent. On previous investigations this room had caused guests to feel uncomfortable. We attempted to debunk the "shadows" as a car driving past however the two were very different.
One guest stated she felt her hands burning, as though she had her hands in a fire. I shared the previous investigation whereby a guest had had this feeling too, strangely Clare, who was on her solo live also had a similar experience. The lady felt that the Athenaeum may have had someone involved in an accident and was burned.
A guest reported experiencing a headache however when she left the room the pain went away.
Shadows were seen in different areas of the room, with the shadow sitting next to people at the back of the room to others seeing it near to the main entrance door. A guest went to the main entrance door to see if he could gain any further insight into the shadow; however he quickly reported seeing a black orb around his head and face. Strange that the same black orb was seen by someone else.
Several of the guests who were sitting on the chairs at the back of the room reported feeling a chill on one side of their body, this chill like a blowing wind moving around the room. The night was very hot with little cool air in the building. The names Henry and Harold, John and Davie were picked up however we gained no response on calling out.
We moved into the back room behind the bar, it felt very comfortable and settled with all of us chatting and chuckling. It was a quiet area with no responses to any questions. However a guest had a paratek app, the word 'Warrior' came up several times on staying this another guest was able to give detailed history of HMS Warrior which was built and rebuilt in the Hartlepool area. We occasionally picked up on the aroma of cigar smoke however nothing else went on in this area.

2 guests were on a lone vigil in the store room of the war games room. On their return they stated feeling uncomfortable, that a cold chill had affected one of them and shuffles heard near the door.
A further two guests went to the same area, they had the sensation of a female who was looking for her child. They reported the child had been hurt by a male. This had caused one of them to be upset. A couple of growls had also been heard during a lone vigil. 

War games room with an adjacent very dark and creepy store room. Claire, Clare and Sophie. K2, vibration detector, Ouija board, cat balls, Rem.

We set up the board, unfortunately nothing came through, after 20-30 minutes we ended the session. The War games room was quiet and there was no interaction with any equipment. Some people reported smelling smoke. We felt a presence may have been just outside the door looking in however due to no interactions we left to go to the Back room. This allowed for Guests to undertake Lone Vigils in the very dark and uncomfortable storage room.

Backroom Claire, Clare and Sophie. Vibration detector, cat balls, K2. Dowsing rods.
Estes method (blindfold and SB7)
We placed a willing victim, I mean volunteer, near the attic stairs. We asked the gender of the person, their name, what town we were in and what the building was used for when they were living. Again a guest saw the black orb in the room moving close to his face. We asked if the building had been used as a brothel, while the group were discussing this the cat ball on the table near a guest lit up.
While asking questions we saw a small white dog run around, some guests felt the cool breeze of something going past their legs. We attempted to encourage the dog to jump on the table and asked the dog to Bark.
The ladies undertaking the Estes method returned and shared that along with hearing someone walking toward them with keys jangling they had also heard a dog bark through the Estes!!
They made reference to several episodes of repeated phrases in which a guest made a joke" sounds like the brothel": the cat ball near to him went off again!!
As we were due to leave we said our thank yous and the vibration detector lit, as though the energy was moving toward the door before us.

Attic, Claire, Clare and Sophie. Proximity bears, cat balls, Candle light.
We settled into the attic in the pitch dark. A guest stood in the corner near to the fire place, she reported felling like she was being pushed out of this area. A different guest went to stand in the same corner and he too reported the same feeling.

The proximity bear was responsive to questions but as identified by a guest the spirit took a while between questions to light the bear, as though they needed to build energy before they could affect the light.
Two guests reported feeling a tickling sensation to their arms and face, we asked if this was spirit and the proximity bear lit up. The room got denser and even more dark, it felt as though the energy changed and a guest stated a woman was stopping the children from coming forward. A guest stated she felt as though something was in her face. As though they were looking for someone. We decided to try the Candle Light, when it turned on it was red, Clare jokingly said turn it to green as green means go: the light immediately switched to green. We took this as our cue to say goodnight and thank you to spirit.