THE STATION - Saturday 1st July 2023

The Station at Richmond 01/07/2023

The team welcomed the guests into the conference room on the second floor where we had set us base camp for the night. Ged gave the welcome talk to the group and the we all headed off to the cinema screen one, where Kathryn delivered the white light protection to the group. The group all then settled into the rows and the team spread out some equipment around the room. now we wouldn’t normally use equipment so early in the night but we thought it would be a good idea due to alot of noise contamination that was planned for the first hour of the investigation.

Screen 1. Ged, kathryn, claire, sharon and sophie. Equipment: touch bear, wendy, k2 and spirit talker app.
We began to call out to the sprits of the building to and asked them to use the equipment to respond. Kathryn was standing with her hands behind her back and someone grabbed her hand. A shadow figure was seen standing in the corner of the room next to the fire escape, another shadow figure was seen sitting in a chair at the very end of one of the rows, and another was seen walking along the screen and up the stairs within a very short space of time. We were talking about some of it being residual energy, and some of it being more interactive and the bear light up in the corner of the room. we set up the spirit talker soo next to the bear by the fire escape, to see if we could generate some more information . when we asked how many spirits there were and we got the number “16”, we then proceeded to her a lot of names up on the screen. we also got the sense that the man standing by the door was a solider. A shadow of an arm was seen against a wall as well as the feeling that there was also children in the room with us. Claire picked up on the sensation of spiralling down through the air, and one of the guests advised that there had been a plane crash in a street not too far from the station. The activity seemed to die down abit and as we weee saying our goodbyes and thank yous to the spirits in the room, the bear lit up again as a response. We decided to take a quick break befor splitting down into our smaller teams for the rest of the night.

Ged and Kathryn’s team Cinema screen 2. Equipment: touch bear x2 , rem pod, and crystal board. We spread out around the room, with some of the guests sitting in the original platform which is still viable today. We set up the touch bears at each end of the remaning platform and asked out to the spirits of the room. We got responces from one of the bears straight away and the energy was picked up on of a male solider pacing up and down the platform waiting to get in the train to go off to war, the energy seemed to go when we tried to question the spirit to find out which was he was going off to fight in. The guests were shown how to use the crystal board and then began to her responses to questions. Ged and Kathryn’s team. The Boardroom. Equipment: Touch bear x2, rem pod and wendy. We set up the equipment around the room, with wendy and the rem pod on the table and the two bears on a chair at the bottom by the door. We then spread out around the table and all out our hands on it to build up the energy in the room. We very quickly for responses on one of the bears, when we were talking about what this room might have been. We thought it might have been a waiting room, but then when questioning the spirit we realised we were talking to a former station master, and the room we were in was his office. He stayed in this one room un the building and the staff came to him still to fix the problems. He was still running the station and proud to be here even now after he had passed on. He was a little bit full of himself, we got alot more rapid responces in the bear when we talked about how important he was and his job was at the time. We weee unable to get a name but we did work out that he was in charge somewhere between the yeats of 1925- 1931 as there was a map on the wall in the room and he confirmed he was in charge for one of the dates on the map. As the night was drawing to a close we decided to explore the main cafe area. As we were leaving we turned in the lights on and behind the door there was a plaque confirming that this was the station masters office while the station was in operation.

Equipment used crystal boards x3 and 3 guests,
Location cinema room 1:
Ged sat with 3 of the guests and each held a different crystal board and where curious as how they worked . Ged explained the process behind the use and the possibility of some people getting better results from the equipment than others and how during a session that may also change.
The first guest was shown how to hold the crystal and how to structure her questions , she received good results picking up on a child who had joined us she asked how it managed to change direction with such ease and she assured each of us watching she wasn’t trying to manipulate the crystal Ged stating if he thought she was he’d put an end to the session which she was happy about.
The next guest seemed to struggle only having very vague movement although was happy with what evidence she received.
The third guest again received what we believed to be contact with a child who stated they were on their own waiting for their father to return to the station, and was amazed as we all were to see the gems on the crystal chain appear to shake up and down as they also had with the second guest Ged was unable to explain how that happens as it appeared to everyone they is no physical way we could simulate the movement with moving our hands up and down making the movement visible to everyone else. We finished the session thanking spirit for there interaction, and moved onto the waiting room/ boardroom/ station masters office which surpassed our expectations with REM bear activity.

Ged and Kathryn’s group. The main cafe area. Equipment: touch bear, rem pod, and wendy.
As we were placing the equipment around the area, we noticed that one of the bears had been drainined by the pacing solider in the previous room. So we put the rempod on the serving counter and the other bear on a table. As we were settling down and chatting about the building the rem pod went off without asking. We then moved the bear over to the counter to see if we could get both to go off at the same time as we were getting strong responces on the rem pod. It was continuing to off on request and the bear did go off once but we weee unable to get them to go off at the same time. Ged asked if we had a last with us called “Mary” with us and the it lit up.

As it was then the end of the investigation we thanked the spirits of the building and said our good byes. It was a fascinating building with a lot more to give us… till next time!!!

Claire Sharon and Sophie. K2, rem pod, spirit talker, bells, motion sensor.
After separating into the two groups we headed off toward the bottom end of the station where the main platform still stands. Half of our group went with Sophie to cinema number 3. We commenced calling out, and experienced a few small taps to our right. The spirit talker app gave numerous names along with Agatha. Local guests identified that the church of St Agatha was the closest church to us, on this theme we also got a priest. Following on from the cinema earlier in the night we got a reference of looking below, tunnel, torch (as in flame torch) and battle. We called out about the tunnels which are known in Richmond. Had there been a spirit lost in the tunnels whilst carrying a torch…we got a tap! Claire saw a female spirit in a long floral dress with a long pinny walking toward us, we saw numerous orbs in the middle of the group then as we were calling out to this lady the door behind a guest rattled. We asked what the lady was doing here and got a response 'shoppe'.
We joined Sophie and her group in cinema 3. Sophie's group had been very quiet initially then after 20 minutes the curtains then began to move and a guest could feel movement around him. A drop in temperature was felt by two guests and a dark shadow was seen by the exit. The dowsing rods were able to confirm where the spirit was. We spoke to a female called Beatrice who was able to share her story via the dowsing rods. The bear would also respond to questions. If the answer was 'yes' the bear would illuminate. Beatrice's friend, Nancy was in the cinema too. The team were given information from Beatrice about 4 servicemen with surnames Jones and Thomas. The servicemen were able to change the temperature of the room on request and were able to affect the lights. An overwhelming sense of guilt was experienced with them. The group had sightings of orbs with the naked eye.
Claire and Sharon joined Sophie in Cinema three. We were told of their interactions with Beatrice and the servicemen, as they were speaking the spirit talker app would finish sentences in real time. Sophie was talking about a spirit enjoying being here and as she was about to say "her happy place" the spirit talker app said it! While chatting in cinema 3, we saw a male spirit standing behind a chair. This cinema is tiny and the male spirit was between us and the only exit!!! The K2 flashed directly opposite the male spirit and with a blink he was gone, however the proximity bear next to a different guest began to alarm.
We moved to cinema one, and placed the red grid light onto the cinema screen. Other than a shadow figure behind Sophie and a guest who were sitting on the platform very little happened. We decided to go back to cinema three however with only a very short amount of time, we had no further activity. We said thank you and good night to all who had interacted through the night.

Thank you to all our amazing guests for helping make the night what it was. Great Energy throughout