THE WAREHOUSE HARTLEPOOL - Friday 1st March 2024

The Warehouse Hartlepool

We greeted the guests and welcomed them into the building.
Alan did the welcome talk and then we headed up to the attic to do the white light protection to the group.

The Attic.
Equipment: Cat balls x3
We began to call out and the energy of a man was picked up on, the cat balls lit up and was going off constantly for a few moments.The sound of a large stone being thrown was heard by the group and made a few people jump.
The sound came from near an old trolley so we placed a cat ball on it and it lit up once.
we moved into the larger area and spread out abit more as a group.
Another stone/ object was thrown but no activity on the cat balls.
The energy of a man was picked up on as working there in a foreman/ managers role but we were unable to build on this info and maybe have been more residual rather than active energy.
We decided to take a break before splitting down into smaller teams.

Alan and Sonia group
Basement 1
Equipment: cat balls, k2, bell and rem bear.
At first it was quiet, then both K2 meters at opposite sides of the room went off at the same time, up to the red bar.
When that stopped the cat balls lit up, we were calling out without any responces, but then the rem bear which was in a seperate section of the room with no guests in it, went off.
This was constant for a few moments so we turned it off.
There was more K2 activity and two guests were stood in a doorway where the rem bear had been placed and a large stone was thrown at them.
The group picked up on information about bare knuckle boxing fights which happened in the basement of the building, when this was being discussed the K2 meter would flash again.
A spirit talker app was then used by a guest which came up with the words “ you and me” as if to challenge Alan to a fight.
It was at this point that some of the female guests said they had the sensation of their bottoms being touched.
The group then decided to seperate the men and the women to see what would happen, the ladies said again that they felt as if they had been touched again and another stone thrown at them.
Nothing happened to the men.

Chris and Kathryn
Basement 2
Equipment: table, cat balls, dowsing rods and K2 meter.
We went down into the basement and spread out around the room.
We decided to try some table tipping but one of the guests had to walk away from the table as they felt a sharp pain in their side, so they stepped back and used the dowsing rods.
We picked up on the energy of two men, two brothers, one called Harold and the other Arnold. They were involved in selling conterfit alcohol but had fallen out over money resulting in one stabbing the other.
Harold was using the rods and setting off the car ball constantly while Arnold chose the table to show his presence in the room.
There was also stones thrown and big spikes on the K2 meter some even going up to red.

Alan and Sonia.
Basement 2
Equipment: cat balls, K2, tabitan bowl, and evp recorder.
We used the bowl to create some energy in the room.
Conducted an evp session and after questioning and play back of the recording, we decided to leave as there was no recording and the energy felt flat.

Chris and Kathryn.
First floor show room/ second attic room.

Equipment: table, cat balls, music box.
We spread out around the corridor on the first floor, most of the group sat in the floor.
We played the song “lady in red” on a spotify to try and encourage the female sprit who had been seen wearing a red dress in this floor to come forward but we had no luck.
We decided to move up to the attic room instead.
We spread out around the room and some guests tried to di some table tipping.
We got definate movement when Kathryn started asking about the machine in tbe middle of the room, and if she could “ have a go”.
Using the table we were able to eatablish we were talking to a male child who told us that that part of the building had been used for meat/ storing cotton and wheat too.
Another large stone/ object was thrown at one of the guests but the strongest responses were when we discussed the machinary in the middle of the room.
We deceided to take a little break before heading as the energy seemed to go from the area.

Alan and Sonia.
Second floor old show room.
Equipment. Sb7, Etes equipment,motion sensor’s, and K2’s.
The groups conducted and Estes experiemnt.
A guest was placed in another smaller side room with headphones and blindfold, and we used a sb7 box to get resonces to the questions.
The group for the name “Jack” who said he was 9, but this was then followed by the word “schnell” which is the German word for quick.
The other respnces that came through were very accurate to the questions asked and very fast too.
They names 3 of the people in the room and also said the word “navy” when asked about what they did as a job.
It also asked the group to “leave” “get out” but also to “help them”. They also said the Alan “was a warrior”.
The group also set up to motion sensors either side of a doorway in the room and everytime they went off the group got a burst of responses on the sb7.

Chris and Kathryn’s group
Basement 1
Equipment: table, glass with candle, ping pong ball and cat balls.
We spread out around the room and encoraged the group to try comminitcating with the glass in the table with “yes and no” responces rather then using it for tipping.
We quickly got a make sprit who we were able to establish was called Issac and he worked in the building while it was a brewery. Unfortunately he liked to drink while working and had an accident at work and died in the basement as a result of this habit.
He was 36 when he died in the year 1814. He had been married for 6 years when passed away but didn’t have any children.
We were able to also work out that he was Jewish and was burried in the old cemetery in the town.
He wasn’t happen about still being there but he liked speak to the group and we tried to get him to throw the ball at us but this didn’t happen.
A few of the guests felt light headed and dizzy as if they were drunk and he had put that impression onto them during the last hour of the night that we spent in this room.

Alan and Sonia’s group.
1st floor, showroom
Equipment used: OUIJA board, crystal and board.

Four guests took part in a OUIJA session after the board was safely opened. At first, there was no movement on the planchette but with encouragement, the movement increased. A male spirit came through and identified as Stan, after slowly moving through each letter. Stan said that he had been with the group in other parts of the building - the phrase ‘Stan the man’ had come to one of the guests earlier in the basement. The conversation seemed odd so the engagement was ended and the board closed down. We then moved to the crystal and board where a male came through who said they worked there in 1841. This date had been picked up by another guest, which was surprising. He told us that he had been murdered by someone he knew (and gave the name ‘Dez’). This was possibly by drowning. As the night was at an end, we had to end the conversation and head back to basecamp.

We then got everyone back to base camp and before sending everyone home.
An amazing and huge building with so much more to give
what will we uncover next time when the lights go out