Vane Tempest Hall - Friday 22nd July 2022


We started the night with our introduction which was given by Alan.
We then headed to the sports hall where Cam carried out the white light protection. Following this, we remained in the sports hall and started calling out. We got the odd thud but couldn't be certain if this was paranormal. We also heard what sounded like radiators creaking but the heating system was off and the sound was coming from the floor, about 4ft away from the nearby radiator. We then heard shuffling on the wooden floor (we were all sat on the floor and still). We decided to place the K2 in that area and also a cat ball. Cam asked spirit if they could move the cat ball, as she had earlier but it didn't move.

There was a presence which affected Cam’s chest and Colin’s throat although despite trying to encourage spirit forward, it preferred to stay in the corner and watch - this being seen by both investigators and guests.

We heard a loud gushing of water coming from one of the toilets. Nobody was in the toilets so Colin placed a music box in each of the toilets. The music box in the gents went off once.
The fire alarm of the building started to go off so we cut to a break. As the building was safe and it was a false alarm, a few guests stayed in the sports hall and reported that as soon as everyone else had left the room the cat ball rolled off the table, the k2 lit up and they picked up on the presence of a military person wearing a hat. Does spirit prefer smaller groups of people?

After the break we went back into the sports hall to try a séance. We could hear shuffling of feet coming from an area where there was no one. Cam and a couple of guests could see a shadow person standing at the back of the room, they were about 4ft in height. Was this a child?
We didn't get much activity from the séance so we decided to split up.

Cam & Colins team
We stayed in the sports hall and were calling out whilst using the proximity bear. We didn't receive any interaction from the bear but one of the guests reported the feeling of being pushed. Not aggressively though. I asked if the guests would like to try a human pendulum, this was new to a few so we have it a go. Our guests Andrew was chosen to be the conduit and we received our signs for Yes & no. After a few questions we established this was a male spirit who was military. All of a sudden Andrew burst in to today's. We stopped the session, calmed our guest and took 5.

We carried on where we left off but this time using a ouija board. We didn't get any responses through the board.
We moved into the other room where we had set up base and Cam asked if spirit was with us, if they could tap on a window. There was a tap on the window. We asked again and we got another tap on a different window. We had placed a rempod on the floor but were worried incase spirit thought it looked like a device used in the war so we turned it off and put it away.

We tried using the portal app but found we were getting more responses using Colin's ovilus app. We had direct responses to our questions. We were told on more than one occasion they were called Harry. We asked their profession and were told 'secret'.
Our guests, Gillian and her dad Bill tried the black mirror at the very end of the night which they loved.

Katie and Alan’s team
Katie took Michael (a seasoned guest with us) and his group into the pool hall and conducted a ouija session.

A very personal message came through for one of our guests, which when explained, was fitting and heartfelt. There was a sense of peace and we moved on to ask spirit if anyone else wanted to come through. There were repeated attempts that resulted in the letters ‘WD’ persistently coming through, each time shutting it down.

After ouija, Alan led a Crystal session with various pieces of information coming through. Again, after a short while, ‘WD’ came through so we closed the session.

Top of the stairs - ouija board
Katie observed the group conduct ouija and this was a most fascinating session, which explained the previous board interactions and drew everything together.

This was a deeply personal experience for one of our guests, so detail will be omitted, however, the message coming through was confirmed to be of no ill-will or malevolence. The information explained the repeated initials from previous sessions and the group felt comfortable.

He said he wouldn’t let anyone else through on the board so we respected his wishes and closed it down.

Female toilets
Alan took one of The guests (Chris) to do a two person vigil. We used a K2 and Touch Sensitive teddy bear to act as the medium device. Alan and Chris asked out for spirit and there was the odd quiet noise over by the waste bin. When it was suggested that spirit may prefer us to be in the toilet cubicle with the door closed this is when things really got active.

Alan and Chris each locked themselves into a separate cubicle and immediately on first question the teddy bear went off and lit the room up with flashing lights. We ascertained that the spirit was female but could not find out if she had worked there or if she had been a former patient. Virtually every question got a response via the teddy bear and this was consistent throughout all questioning. Chris really enjoyed the session and it was a brilliant show of activity.

Hall/sports room

Alan conducted a further crystal board with a small group of guests, one of the guests taking control of the board.

Once again, we had ‘WD’ come through, so we asked if another spirit could come forward and with interesting results.

The name ‘Jim A’ was given and this was confirmed by one of our guests as being their grandfather and giving confirmation of this. It was a shock to the guests that this had come through, we were all impressed with what had come through, we’d loved to have talked some more with Jim, but our time at Vane Tempest has sadly drawn to a close.

A mixture of quiet spells and then deeply personal messages coming through meant that the night at Vane Tempest was an interesting, yet very personal investigation. All in all a slow starter but once it was dark we got great interaction.

Thank you to all our guests who joined us and we look forward to seeing you again soon