VICTORIA TUNNEL - Friday 15th September 2023

Victoria Tunnels
15th September 2023
Chris and Michael F

After the welcome talk in the office Chris and Michael took the team to the entrance of the Tunnel.
We completed the group photo got our hard hats on and started to make our way down the tunnel.
We decided to start at the deepest point of the tunnel. 85 foot below street level.

Sandbaged Area
Chris and Michael
K2, CAT balls, string of bells, table and Touch Bear

Chris ran through the white light of protection and Michael and himself went through some expectations and the equipment that we would use in this area. Chris also explained that the tunnels temperature will not fluctuate and Pete explained that there was no drafts winds that would blow through the tunnels.

Due to the drips and street noise we decided to start the evening differently and move straight to using equipment.
We placed two CAT balls on the floor, a K2 and hung a string of bells near the sand bags , underneath this string of bells we also placed a touch sensitive bear and started to call out.

After around 20 mins of calling out guests started to explain they could feel the temperature starting to drop. At this point one of the CAT balls started to light up.
We were able to find out through questioning that we had been joined by the spirit of a young boy who was responsive to the name Sunny.
Sunny had been involved in an accident in the tunnel.
One of the guests suddenly explained that she felt like she was going to pass out, she felt sick and had a headache.
After getting her some water and a seat the touch sensitive bear lit up. The spirit of the boy had put his impression onto the guest. We questioned further and the bear was responsive for a short time however the energy seemed to shift.
We attempted some table tipping setting up two tables with a group of guests on each table, however we had no response from this.
Katelyn, one of the guest felt there was a presence stood next to her, after explaining this the CAT ball in front of her started to light up.
We had been joined by the spirit of William, Pete explained that Pete was the only know person to have passed within the tunnels. William brought with him a strong smell of flowers which could be smelt by many of the guests and then there was what can only be described and a breeze caused by someone running past you and the energy shifted.

Up the ramp
CAT ball, Dowsing Rods, Crystal/board

We placed a CAT ball on the ladders and the team spread out. Michael explained how to use the dowsing rods and one of the guests started to use these and call out.

We were joined by a male spirit, he had passed after an air raid that took place just above ground.
The spirit didn’t have much strength and struggled to move the rods.

Another guest wanted to try the Crystal/Board.
Sonia started to get activity on the board straight away. We had been joined by a woman in her 30’s who had passed in 1490. What made this impressive was when ever we confirmed what we believed the answer to be on the board the CAT ball would light up as if to say ‘correct’

Chris’ group joined us and we moved onto the seated area.

Seated area
Chris and Michael
REM Pod, Wendy, Lantern

All guest sat on the seats, we placed a rem pod further away down the corridor and asked guests if anyone would like to stand further down the tunnel alone with Wendy.
Alex and Gemma volunteered.
Alex went first however after a short time he asked to join the team as he had an unnerving feeling.
Gemma then moved down into the tunnel with Wendy.
The team started to call out however we didn’t get any responses. Pete explained there had been a song written about a family who had spent time in the tunnel and sang this for us. When he did, Gemma explained that Wendy started to light up. A growl was then heard at the opposite side of the tunnel. Michael moved down to this area however no further noises were heard.

Chris joined Gemma further into the tunnel. Chris and Gemma heard squeaking sound however we debunked this as the squeak of Chris’ trainers. Other than a few further spikes from Wendy no further activity was reported in this area.

Nurses station
CAT Ball, Music Box

As we only had 15 mins remaining Michael moved the team down to the nurses station leaving Chris and Gemma in the last location to continue to call out.
The team stretched along the area and we placed a CAT ball on the floor and the music box at the entrance to the area.
Michael called out however we didn’t get any activity in the area.

We thanked spirit for communicating and left the tunnels for the evening.
This was a very interesting location and although there wasn’t a great seat of activity the group were lots of fun and we had a great investigation.