VICTORIA TUNNEL - Friday 3rd November 2023

Victoria Tunnels Newcastle 03rd Nov 2023
Team members: Cam and Michael B

Cam welcomed our guests and gave an introduction to our event, who LVI are and what we do. This was followed by a safety talk from our guide and we then made our way to the tunnels.
We put on our hard hats and entered the tunnels. We started the night at the tunnel to the left. Cam conducted the white light protection and we then started our call-out to the spirits of the tunnels.
After around 15 minutes of calling out, we heard shuffling footsteps. We were stood still. A few of us had also heard a female voice and also light anomalies. The tunnels were so dark and we didn’t have any lights or torches on so these lights were very visible.
We decided that as this was a short investigation of 4 hours, we would introduce a few bits of our equipment early. We normally prefer to start our investigations just using our bodies and senses.
We placed the rem pod at the end of the tunnel to the left, we also placed a cat ball about 10 feet in front of where we were standing.
One of the guests was also using a spirit talker app on their phone while we were calling out. It wasn't long before everyone in the group heard a female voice coming from further in from the tunnels. We called out to the female spirit and the cat ball went off. We then heard footsteps coming towards us.
We received the name ‘Sarah’ multiple times on the spirit talker app. We also heard ‘he hurt me’, and ‘murdered’. We tried to work with this and asked who had hurt them. We then received the name ‘Isaac’, followed by the words ‘Doctor’ and ‘Stabbed’.
We also had the following names ‘Dorothy’ and ‘Arthur’. We pushed with the questions but didn’t receive anything more so we moved on to the tunnel just right of the entrance, before the 1st blast wall.
We introduced the proximity bear, cat ball, k2, and rem pod. We placed these throughout this part of the tunnel. We started calling out to the spirits and we got the feeling we were being watched and had been followed. As we were talking amongst ourselves, the rem pod went off at the entrance of the blast wall, startling a few of the guests.
The name Thomas came into Michael’s head, just as the rem pod had gone off. Was Thomas trying to make his presence known? Who was this spirit? We tried calling out to him but didn’t receive anything more at this point.

We moved further into the tunnels, where the nurses headquarters would have been. A couple of our guests worked with the dowsing rods. This, along with the spirit talker app produced a couple of names. These were ‘Joyce’ and ‘Frank’. We were also told that there were 5 spirits in this area. We called out and again could see lights. We were by now quite far into the tunnels so where were these lights coming from?
We could hear a female voice again. Was this one of the nurses?
We started asking if there were any children with us. We had placed the proximity bear on the bunk beds. Each time we asked a question, the bear would illuminate. The guide had joined us by this point and Cam asked if he would like to call out as the spirits would be familiar with his presence.
We moved the proximity bear to the top of the bunks and it didn’t go off when asking questions. When we moved it back to the lower bunk, it became responsive again.
We weren’t sure at this point who we were communicating with but the spirit talker app told us we were very polite, which we thanked them for and explained how we were there with the utmost respect.

We moved further in the tunnels. This was as far as we could go, marked with sand bags. The atmosphere was different here. Was it because we were so far in the tunnels? It was a lot colder and as we were walking to that area we all noticed it was very misty. Where had the mist come from?
After about 15 minutes in this part of the tunnels, time was ticking on. We had less than an hour. Cam asked if any of the guests were willing to take part in a lone vigil. 2 of the guests were happy to do so.
We started making our way back and left one guest in the blast wall area with a K2 device. We continued walking through and left another guest in the next area which was sectioned off by the blast wall. We said we would be back in 15 minutes and made our way back to the tunnel to the left of the entrance.

We made it back to the tunnel to the left of the entrance. We took a seat on the benches and started calling out again. After around 15 minutes of calling out, we saw torch lights coming from the other side. It was our 2 guests who we had left to do their lone vigils. They said it was very interesting. As they were on their own, in total darkness, their senses were heightened. They both heard movement and voices. One also said there was a white mist.
We decided to call out again, just using the K2. Our guide was asking if William Coulson was with us. The K2 lit up to red. He then started talking about what had happened. We told the guide that throughout the night, we were told many times that ‘it was an accident’, ‘he was blamed’. We also said how Michael had the name ‘Thomas’ come to him. We didn’t realize how important this was.
Our guide started to ask if Thomas was with us. Again the K2 went to red. He then asked if he was the brake boy on the wagon. Again the K2 went to red.
We repeated that it was an accident, again we got red on the K2. We then asked if he was blamed by everyone. Red again.
We also discovered that ‘Thomas’ was just a 17 year old boy who would not normally have worked the brakes. He was only doing it because there had been an incident with the steam engine which caused it to blow up, 5 days earlier.
There was a sadness when we were communicating with Thomas but we said we now knew his story and that it was a tragic accident which wasn’t his fault.
We thanked Thomas and all of the other spirits for their interaction and made our way out of the tunnels.

Another great investigation at The Victorian Tunnels in Newcastle. It's always a fascinating investigation. There's so much history, many of which is probably undocumented. Until next time ????????????