Victoria Tunnel - Friday 8th July 2022


Kathryn’s Group
So the Victoria Tunnel investigation,
we started by leaving the office and walking along with the equipment, we took the group photo outside the entrance and then we all went inside, got our hard hats and tourches and headed down the ramp.
Can have the welcome talk to the guests and then Kathryn delivered the white light protection to those who wanted to join in.
Kathryn and her group headed off down the tunnel towards the end while Cam and her group stayed up by the entrance with Paul our guide for the night.

Kathryn’s group stopped half way down the tunnel where the bunk beds were and began to call out to the sprits of the tunnels.
Set up the touch sensitive bear and a music box along the huge wooden bench but we got no responces on them at all.
one of the guests picked up on the name “Sunny/ Sonny” but we got no responces when we called out using that name.
Then suddenly we got the loaders footsteps of multiple people coming down the corridor, to the point where Kathryn had to radio back to Paul and the other team to check their location in tbe tunnel. There was also a light that appeared on the wall where there is a picture of a wagon painted on the wall.
  We continued down the Tunnel to the sandbags and set up the equipment again.
One of the guest picked up on the name “Matty/ Marty” it we got no responces.
We had a lot of light anomalies caught on camera including a huge bright baby blue one the size of a football go across the screen which the whole group saw, as well as the odd flicker of red and white lights in the darkness.
The team also heard mufflers voices and movement at the end by the gate but nothing conclusive.
We decided to pack up and head back down the corridor as the group wanted to take a little break.
After the little break for the last hour we stayed up by the entrance of the tunnels.
We set up some equipment on the items around area.
Kathryn set up the bear on top of some green boxes and put the music box on the floor, as soon as she rejoined the group the bear lit up and was pushed over. At the time no one was near it, it was in a sercure surface and the lights had all settled on it from when Kathryn put it in the top fo the box.
One of the guests picked up on a lady who had worked down there, she was a single parent, and had 5 children which were a mix of boys and girls.
One girl called Martha and her brother Luke were responding well to the K2 taking it all the way up to red for a yes answer.
They also admitted they were the ones manipulating the bear.
Another guest said they saw movement and at the bottom of the corridor by another gate but that wasn’t seen by everyone in the group.
As the evening drew to an end we thanked the children for coming to talk to us and they lit up the bear for us one last time.
The other team met us at the entrance and saw the guests out of the tunnels!
It was an amazing night and everyone had a fab time!!
what will we discover then next time we head down into the tunnels….

Cam's group
After the white light protection was delivered, cam's group stayed at the bunker end of the tunnels, which is to the left off the entrance slope.
We went as far as we could go, turned all torches off and started our call out.
One of the guests was using an app on his phone similar to an oviolus and we were getting sentences at times to questions asked.
We placed a light up ball further down the tunnel and a proximity bear further down from that. The bear didn't go off but the ball did once.
We then started to see the most amazing light anomalies just beyond where the bear was. The other team were at the far end of the tunnels by this point, beyond the blast wall so it wasn’t from them.
The lights would appear in response to questions asked. There were no other devices placed down that end which could cause this.
We then asked if the spirit we were communicating with has died in the tunnels. The app immediately replied 'yes' and then 'see me', at which point multiple lights could be seen. We asked spirit if we could move closer and we received the response 'I trust you'.
We moved closer to the lights and set the table up. We tried table tipping but the cold and standing wasn't comfortable for the guests. Instead we placed the bear on the table. We called out and a few names came through. We got James, Jessica, mabel, Audrey and Fred. We asked ages and we received the number 3 and 10. The communication did appear to be very child like as they lit the bear up on response to many questions asked. After about 30 mins of communicating with the children we heard 'let us rest' on the app so we thanked them and agreed to let them rest. We moved further through the tunnels, beyond the blast walls and found a new place to start a new call out. This time we placed the music box on the table next to the bear and we moved further away to call out. The communication was different this time and we received the name Williams. The music box went off once but the bear very little. We did however hear footsteps coming towards us and audible voices which were not us, the other group or from outside. By this point we were 70ft below ground. The tour guide joined us and we told him what we had experienced. He was able to verify much of it and he joined us in the communication. We believed we were in the presence of Irene, the young girl. She didn't stay long but 2 of the children had come back and we received grandmother on the app. We felt like this was a family who were here during the war.
We moved further into the tunnels to where the sandbags are. As we were standing, omi asked our tour guide if he could ask certain questions to see if the accurate responses came through. As we were watching in amazement of the bear and music box going off in response to his questions surrounding an incident in the tunnels which involved multiple people, a dark shadow like hand came very close to Cam's face. Then it looked like something was waving. The tour guide asked if they were waving and the bear lit up. We all waved back. It was William who we were communicating with. We thanked him for his energy and responses and our night came to a close.
What a brilliant night. Looking forward to going back.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and look forward to seeing you again soon