Victoria Tunnels – 7th January 2022



So the Victoria Tunnels was investigated by team memebers Chris and Kathryn.
Once all the guests had arrived at the musuem office Chris did the introduction talk with everyone and then introduced the guests to Rob who was going to be our tour guide for the evening.
After a health and safety talk from Rob about what we could expect the tunnels to be like, we gathered up our equipment and headed to the entrance of the tunnel.
He also informed us that we were the first Paranormal team to investigate the tunnels since before the first lockdown, but day tours had been down where guides had had sightings as recents as the November 2022.
The guests seemed in high spirits as we took the group picture outside before putting on our hard hats and heading down.
Once all inside we formed a circle so Chris could relieved the white light protection to the group.
We set off down into the darkness, leaving Rob at the command centre at the entrance to the tunnel.
As we walked off, in the distance we heard huge bangs that seems to resonate from the depths of the tunnel, this was later debunked as people walking across the cover in the street and echoing down the tunnel, it sounded so much like blasting as if they spirits were trying to replay the noises that helped build this amazing tunnel.
We then all walked down to the very end of the tunnel where there were some sandbags.
As a lot of our equipment wouldn’t work as we were so far underground, we set up lots of trigger objects around this part of the tunnel.
We had items such as K2’s, REM pods, music boxes and the touch sensitive bear.
Chris lead the calling out in the section with Kathryn joining they were at separate ends of the group who were stood against the walls.
We had some K2 flickers up to yellow/ Orange twice on command as the spirit seemed to respond to Kathryn’s voice.
Kathryn asked if anyone in the group was picking up on any names or dates and a guest immediately came out with the name “John/Jonny”.
Chris and Kathryn then used this name when asking more questions to the spirits of the tunnel.
Guests and staff heard muffelled voices and shuffling by the gate they had walked through to get to this section, to the point where Kathryn and a guest went back down the tunnel to investigate to see if there was anyone there.
There was the constance sense of being watched while we were down there as a group, as if the spirits needed to get used to communicating with us again.
It was at this point we radioed Rob to come down to meet us so that we could separate into smaller groups and head up the ramp.
Kathryn lead the first group up there, which is when we debunked the loud noises that we heard before as someone walked over the cover while we were up there and is gave a few of us a little scare.
Rob gave the group some more information about the particular entrance that Kathryn’s group was near and she used that when questioning the spirits in the area.
Unfortunately there was only a brief flicker in the K2, so Rob radioed down to Chris to tell him we were heading back down so we could swap over as a group.
Once Kathryn’s group was back in the section with the sandbags we set up equipment again and started to call out all the name we had been told by Rob.
We got a brief blip on the REM pod but the guest sat near it moved so we ruled that out as activity.
The atmosphere felt alot calmer in this area than the first time we had been in there as a larger group.
So we used the time to go over all the information that we had been given about the tunnel from Rob, but still no responses on any of the equipment.
Chris, Rob and the rest of the guests can back to join us and with everyone happy to keep going and not have a break, we gathered up the equipment and headed back down the tunnel to another section about half way back to the entrance.
We set out everything we had at different points along this section of the tunnel, where there was a wooden bench for the guests to sit on and some bunk beds from when the tunnel was used as an air raid shelter during WW2.
One of the guests called John went and stood by his self at the very end of the tunnel so that the equipment was between him and the rest of the group.
Chris set up a spirit box app on his phone to see if we could get any additional information from this piece of equipment.
Chris began to call out and ask if a gentleman called “William Coulson” was with them, as he was known to have died during an accident with a wagon in the tunnel.
There were some reponces on the box but it was very hit and miss.
At one point the REM pod bleeped which was nowhere near the group or John.
Chris and Kathryn called out to ask spirits to if they would be able to do it again but there was no luck.
On more than one occasion Kathryn said to Chris that it sounded as if there where German words coming through the spirit box app, including the words “ein flug” and “Leipzig”
which means a flight and a name of a city in Germany.
Could these relate to the German planes that flew over the city during the war??
While John was alone at the other end of the tunnel he experienced cold spots and at one point could no longer see the red light from the REM pod that was between himself and the rest of the group.
The air seemed to get lighter and we decided to gather up our equipment and start the walk back to the office.
We thanked Rob for all his help during the evening and said goodbye to all the guests.
The tunnels are fascinating place to visit, and a unique part of the cities history and we are looking forward to our return.