WAREHOUSE HARTLEPOOL - Friday 10th May 2024

The Warehouse
Michael, Alan, Sharon and Abbey

We welcomed the guests into the building and Michael took the team through the welcome talk.
It was a light night so we all decided to begin the night in the basement areas.
Michael took the two guests from our YouTube channel off to complete a live lone vigil into the smaller basement and the rest of the team moved to the other.

Michael and Abbey
Left side Attic
Cat ball, spirit box, music boxes and human pendulum

We placed out our equipment around the room and put two music boxes in the doorway. Once settled we started to call out.

We soon started to get small taps around the room and the light seemed to be drained out of the area which we believed was spirit interaction. A guest explained that she had the image of a lily given to her so believed that this could be her name.

We called out to Lily and we had small responses to our questioning via faint taps.
We split the group down into two, leaving a spirit box with one group of men and placed the ladies into a human pendulum.

From the pendulum we were able to establish that Lily had hung herself. She had done this due to an unborn baby that she was carrying.
She had wanted to get married but not to the man she was pregnant to. He was a controlling man and aggressive. She was young when she passed
Due to the unwanted pregnancy she had ended her life and felt this was her only way out.
Lily was not still with the man she had talked about however in the building there was another male spirit, a solider, who dominated the building.

Some of the answers received were presented as words also on the spirit box in the male group.

We thanked Lily for coming through and took a small break.

Large basement
Michael’s group
Cat ball, music box, spirit box

Again we placed the music box into the corner of the room with cat balls and the spirit box in the centre of our circle however we’re not receiving responses to any of our questions.

There was a darkness in the doorway coming into the basement which seemed to be growing, like smoke. This could be seen by a number of guests. When discussing this the music boxes in the doorway were activated as if something was entering the room.

We started to discuss the previous usages of the basement and when talking about bare knuckle fighting we started to get activity on the cat balls and music box.
The ball lit a couple of times in response to questions but we were unable to confirm answers.

The spirit box was also giving us responses however we could not make out what these were.

Middle floor Showroom
Michael’s group
Cat balls/K2

We called out and was soon joined by a male spirit who was responsive to questions using the cat balls around the room.
He was a male spirit who had past in the building because of an accident.
This spirit didn’t have much energy and his interaction was short before moving on

Middle floor Warehouse
Michael’s group
Laser grid

We only had a short amount of time left so quickly set up the laser grid pointing across the large area and invited spirit to join us. We explained that if spirit moved through these lights we would be able to see him.
There was a few flickers in the lights but nothing that could be paranormal.

Unfortunately the time had come for us to say goodnight to the building and each other.
We thanked spirit for interacting with us and moved back to base camp to say our goodbyes.

This building has a lot of stories that we are yet to fully uncover but each time we investigate we find that next jigsaw piece. 

As always our guest were fab and brought loads of energy with them. Thank you all for a brilliant night 

Abbeys group basement
K2, temperature gun, ouji board

Michael opened the ouji board and explained the expectations and what to do. The guests called out and the planchette did not move. They attempted to gain more energy but again nothing happened. All guests said they could not feel anything, nothing was observed on the temperature gun, so we moved further along the basement where guests felt something as we walked past.
Once all of the guests were settled, Abbey and the guests started calling out. We confirmed we were talking to Lily and a soldier. The k2 continually spiked to red. When the guests asked questions the k2 would confirm the answers by spiking. When the a question did not fit the narrative it would stay flat. Several guests saw a light however this was later debunked as car lights. There were lots of feelings of us been watched, even Abbey felt a presence behind her. One of the guests asked spirit if he wanted to talk to anyone else, she said everyone's names and the k2 showed no responses once she said her name it spiked. Spirit only wanted to communicate with her. The soldier said he was connected to the aeroplane and guest felt they needed to investigate near it. It was time to move on, We thanked spirit.

When we were going to our next location te ladies approached the aeroplane as this is where the soldier stated he was connected to. However on this occasion we were unable to confirm this.

Abbey's group
Small show room
Laser, spirit talker app, k2, a guests music box app

All the guests and Abbey made themselves comfortable. They started calling out, at times the guests said they had noticed gaps in the lazer and were seeing shadows. Spirit communicated through the app and at on point said Abigail which is Abbey's full name. We were talking amongst ourselves about experiences and the spirit app asked Abbey to continue talking. The guests tried to get spirit to interact with whistling. As there was a faint whistle heard. Thuds were heard and one of the guests said they could hear someone shuffling outside of the room. She repeated this several times so Abbey went and investigated, nobody was there, the shuffling was unexplained.

Even though the night was quiet with activity by using equipment, all of the guests had some kind of experience whether they were touched or even just feeling a presence. This is a wonderful location to do an investigation.

The Warehouse Hartlepool 10/05/24

Alan briefly moved to another area to do his own white light protection while the group spread out and got themselves comfortable. Sharon and Abby started to shout out to any spirits that wished to communicate with us. One of the guests felt she was getting stroked on her hair and face, and the name of George was picked up by Sharon and another guest.
We all clearly heard the noise of a glass bottle fall over but upon inspection there was nothing that could have made that noise. Alan picked up on a male who had a red face and worked alone wearing a leather type apron, Alan, Sharon and another guest picked up that this male was a blacksmith. Alan got the distinct impression that there was somebody stood in the room behind him and Sharon saw a shadow walk past her, a guest who was stood close to Sharon Alan said since coming into the cellar his stomach hadn't felt right. Although we could sense there was an energy down there with us we weren't really getting any responses so we decided to stop for a break, then split into two groups.

Sharon & Alan’s group

Equipment...music box, touch bear, cat balls, glow balls, Wendy, rem pod and K2.

The group spread themselves out along with the equipment. We shouted out to see if any spirit was with us, but we didn't really get any responses even though our instincts told us there was an energy present. The touch bear did respond on occasions, but this appeared to be random so we moved the bear then we got no more response. We decided to try a human pendulum, so the guests formed an energy circle and we asked spirit to choose someone to be their conduit. Karen, one of the guests was chosen so she moved to the centre of the circle. We were soon communicating with a male spirit call James who had died in the 1900s.James confirmed through Karen that he was free to come and go as he pleased. Upon further questioning it was established that James was over 60 years old but under 70 and died as a result of an accident involving a machine that was no longer in the building. We asked James if it was possible for him to use one of the other pieces of equipment that we had placed in the attic, at that, Wendy started to light up. Every time Karen leaned backwards for a yes response, Wendy would light up (Karen could not see this as she had her back to Wendy). James went on to confirm through Karen and Wendy that the machine had caused him a fatal head injury and he had died alone. Karen explained she had an unusual pain to the back of her head to which James said he was putting his impression on her. Through further questioning we identified that James was married and had two children, a boy and a girl and also another child who had died in his wife's womb. When talking about his wife and children we got very stron responses from Wendy who was spiking to red. Time was getting on and we still had other rooms to investigate so we thanked James for telling us his story and wr said our goodbyes. Following this Karen was very emotional and had to wipe away the tears she also said her legs felt like jelly and found it difficult to walk.

Equipment...music box, touch bear, cat balls, glow balls, Wendy, rem pod and K2, Estes method, ouija board, crystal board.

One of the guests agreed to try the estes method, so she was placed in a separate area just off the main room. In response to our questioning we had a male who did not want to tell us his name, as the word NO was just coming through. After some of the group introduced themselves we got the words JAMES, FISHMONGER, HELP, ARMISH. We asked if we were talking to an Amish fishmonger called James we've got the word YES. When we ended the experiment the guest said she was also getting what sounded like a lot of German words through, which Allen will also picked up on. We then asked if any of the guests wanted to try the Ouija board and four them agreed. Sharon opened the board, but we got no response to our questions. Alan then set up the crystal board.
From the crystal board were communicating with the spirit who is known as the lady in red. She was not happy, but was happy for us to be there. She confirmed her name was Edith and her mother was called Elizabeth after a guest had picked up on the two names. Alan could see her in his minds eye and described Edith as pretty with black hair, tall and slim with pale skin and wearing a red dress with the neckline showing her collar bones. Through the crystal board Edith said she made a life choice which her dad didn't approve of which brought shame on her family. She was forced to leave her partner who was female, which resulted in Edith taking her own life. Edith is still here as she is still searching for her partner. During this questioning the Ouija board was still in use what we were still getting no response.

Once Edith had told her story through the crystal board the planchette slowly moved to goodbye which was quite emotional. We thanked Edith for trusting us enough to share her story. We said our goodbyes on left.

Alan took a guest Alan back down to the cellar for a lone vigil which he had won in his sweet box.

By now we only had half an hour or so left so we moved up to the main showroom, we got no response and the area felt flat so as time was now wearing thin we quickly moved on.


Equipment...music box, touch bear, cat balls, glow balls, Wendy, rem pod and K2.

Sharon took the rest of the group up here for the time we had left. We called out to any spirits that might be present but we got no response from any of the equipment. We did feel that we were being watched from one of the corners of the attic but no one came forward. We explained that it was time to leave and was it possible to have one last finale. At this point the whole addict seemed to shake as if there was a massive gust of wind and there was a sound of falling rain, this lasted for about three to four seconds. We have absolutely no explanation for this.

Alan and guest (Alan) - Lone vigil

The two Alan’s placed a touch bear on one of the racks and settled in the quiet darkness. At first it was very still with no noticeable activity and then both felt a touching sensation on their right legs. We heard the odd tap from one corner of the room and then guest Alan felt a warm breath on his face! We found a few stones and asked spirit to copy us by throwing them into a corridor. No response was received. The bear then flashed once when we were talking amongst ourselves and we thought we saw movement from the door opening. Team member Alan then got the impression of a young boy looking around the door opening. Guest Alan had a strange shaking sensation in his legs that he couldn’t explain. As time was running out, we ended the investigation and returned to base.

We thanked the spirits and said our goodbyes.