Washington Old Hall - Saturday 14th January 2023

Washington Old Hall Investigation

After our guest introduction and white light protection session, the lights went out and we started our investigation.

1st floor, main museum area
Equipment used - own senses and intuition, EMF meter, cat ball

We started as a group, with a calling out session. It was extremely quiet for quite some time, with everyone getting a feel for the location and sensing for any activity. Guest Cristina saw a dark shadow figure stood near her at the fireplace, it looked like a medium sized person, but she felt it was a young man and that his name was William, but felt he was called Billy. This figure was also witnessed by another guest, Kelly. A couple of guests believed that we had children spirits with us, but they were afraid to come out of the shadows. A couple of guests witnessed light anomalies. As there were 2 other rooms on this level, after a quick break, we divided the guests up and explored these areas.

Alan & Stephen’s group

Small Museum room.
Equipment used - EMF meter.

This room had a nice calm feel about it. Within a few minutes, there was a sudden smell of floral perfume, with some guests getting the impression of a teenage girl. Another guest had the sensation of their leg being touched. At the start of the night, Alan had done his own white light protection session in this room and told the group that he had movement in the room with him. He had sensed that spirit was a young female but couldn’t get any activity with her.

Tenement exhibit room
Equipment used - EMF, VOX portal, word generator app

Guests heard a scratching sound that appeared to come from near the bed. This happened twice! Again, a guest sensed her leg being touched. There was no activity from the EMF so a VOX portal was used. We received the name Alex, and when I asked if they were a rascal, the word ‘fight’ was heard. The only word we received on the ghost tube word portal was ‘Natalie’. - we had asked for a name!

Equipment used - EMF meter, crystal and board, glow ball, glass and candle

Before the guests arrived for the night, the LVI team had visited the offices. Both Chris and Alan had clearly heard a deep sigh in the corridor and Alan had sensed a male spirit in one of the rooms (same room as the guest medium, see below). Both Stephen and Alan also heard a growl coming from the small kitchen- this felt very threatening!

Our guest medium (Rob) and his partner went into one room on their own, where he set up a laser grid. They saw a shadow figure and he stated there was a man who was scared to come forward and he wouldn’t connect with him. He was drawn to the room as soon as we entered the corridor. His partner also picked up a figure on her SLS app which she filmed on video - the spirit appeared to shake Rob’s hand when he held it out.

The others tried table tipping, with the only activity (table started vibrating) coming when spirit was asked if he was the one who had scared Stephen earlier. Strange indeed! The group then tried glass divining but there was no activity. Alan demonstrated how to use the crystal board and immediately spirit identified they were a 10 year old male called Billy! Various guests tried the crystal but nothing clear came through. As all guests were stood in the corridor calling out, there was a couple of clearly heard noises from the bottom of the staircase.

Main Hall and kitchen
Equipment used - EMF meter, Wendy doll (EMF), cat ball

Rob picked up on a man in the corner and said he felt slightly uneasy in the kitchen. The group tried a human pendulum activity and at first, the small group in the circle got no response. Others were encouraged to join and as soon as this happened, spirit clearly selected a female guest as the conduit. What happened next was brilliant.

Spirit identified as female who had worked and lived there. Our Wendy doll also started to light up as the activity began - this was placed away from the circle. When pushed on when this was, through questioning, this was pinned down to about 1930. The National Trust guide (Laurie) was asked what the building was used for in the 1930s and she told the group that it was tenement apartments! She told us her name was Sarah and that she had a son called Billy who had died of a head injury when he was 10 years old. What was amazing was that whenever there was a really strong yes answer (guest pushed forward with force), the Wendy doll EMF went into the red at EXACTLY the same time. This happened on 4 separate occasions!! Sarah also told us that she was unhappy and wasn’t with Billy but confirmed that we had met him earlier. The final surprise was a loud heavy sigh behind the group!! Fantastic!!

Rob mentioned that there was a man permanently situated on the staircase. He feels that he may have fallen down them and died and is rooted there!

A brilliant end to the night and we look forward to the next time we visit!