What happens on our Ghost Hunts?

One of the questions we get asked when We say We run a ghost hunting company is ‘what happens on a ghost hunt’

Well We can give you the basics however each ghost hunt is different and due to the nature of the events we cannot guarantee what, if anything will happen.

We like you to get the best experience of your night so plenty of Lone Vigil time is also available for those brave enough. It’s your night and your investigation. We keep the energy high and positive throughout the investigation and all our guests who join will make new friends through the night.

Typically a Ghost Hunt is a series of vigils, which will be run by our experienced team, we start with a group vigil which includes taking you through a guided meditation which will give you protection from spirits throughout the evening – it’s not as difficult as it sounds – guests sometimes panic that they won’t be able to go through the protection as they have not meditated before – however it’s not as hard as it sounds, a team member will guide you through it, it’s kind of like imagining yourself encased in a bright white light. Don’t worry if you struggle the medium will be able to protect you with their spirit guides.

The first vigil will be connecting to spirit and we do encourage everyone in the vigil to call out – you might feel a little self-conscious asking spirit to come and touch you or make a noise, but experience shows that the more energy you put into calling out the more likely you will get spirit to connect with you.

We will then continue the ghost hunt where you will undertake a variety of different vigils, you will get to experience everything we have on offer throughout the ghost hunt and will get to work with each member of the team. Some of the vigils on the ghost hunt will include;

Ouija boards – now there has been a lot of negative press about Ouija boards, however this is not Hollywood! You are unlikely to get dragged off by your toenails or be possessed by a mad axe murdering clown! In reality this does not happen! We open the Ouija boards up and close them down before and after each vigil, on our Ghost Hunts your safety is the most important thing to us and we would NEVER put any of our guests at risk. If you don’t feel that a Ouija board is for you, don’t worry we won’t insist you take part

Human Pendulum – Now this is an interesting one and until you have experienced this you will find it hard to believe. We ask spirit to choose a person to be the pendulum and the chosen will feel that they are gently pushed, we then ask a series of questions to establish who we are talking to, bear in mind that we can only ask yes and no questions in this activity

Table Tipping – A ghost hunting favourite! As the title suggest we ask spirit to tip the table, it will start with a gentle vibration of the table and then will hopefully rock the table from side to side, we have even had the table flipping over!

We also have a wide range of equipment to use which is explained throughout the night. If you watch Paranormal shows and see their range of equipment, then this is now your chance to be just like them! But we do find the best equipment is yourselves…open up all your senses.

One thing we will say about a ghost hunting event is that the more energy you put into a vigil the more likely that you will experience something, we can guarantee you that no member of Lone Vigils Investigations will fake anything on a ghost hunt and should we think a guest is faking something that will be addressed on the evening. Basically if nothing happens on one of our Ghost Hunts then nothing has happened we would rather you go home having had an honest event than you go home thinking one of our team has faked an activity.

Hopefully that has given you a bit of insight into one of our ghost hunts – if you want to know anymore come along on a night with us.

Happy Hunting