What is a REM pod & how does it work

The Rem Pod. How does it work?

The REM-POD has an EM Radiating antenna that detects energy disturbances & fluctuations using multi colored lights & an audible alarm. REM stand for Radiating electro magneticity. It is basically an electric field detector (static). It has been designed to emit an electromagnetic field or to make it simpler, a bubble surrounding the device, that can be broken by anything that has its own EM field..i.e. our bodies' left over energy when we die.
To manually set it off, you have to get very close to the antenna or actually touch it, which breaks the EM Field or bubble, how we like to describe it here at Lone Vigils Paranormal Investigations. Walking nearby or waving a hand around at even a short distance does not set it off. Mobile phones & walkie talkies will set it off if you use them too close to REM pod.
It's a favourite with the paranormal enthusiast's with visual & audio elements to the device. It can be used in a different area to the investigator which alerts the investigator by the audio when its been set off, which means the investigator can be investigating a different part of the building.
The device can be come in many guises, the original REM pod is pictured below, with its distinct red & black casing & it's 5 LED sticks with an ambient temperature range which can also detect a fluctuation of temperature +/- 5oc.
Alot of paranormal investigators have began to make there own REM pod which are a basic version of the original, generally is smaller & in a black casing with just the 1 LED light.
You can also buy trigger objects with built in REM pods, made by specialists. We at Lone Vigils Paranormal Investigations have all 3 of these types including a Teddy Bear version.

We have added a link below for all available REM pods to buy

See our YouTube video here on all our REM pods & how they work.