Yarm Fellowship Hall – 12th February 2022

GO TEAM Yarm fellowship hall..

We set up base camp at the back of the hall, and welcomed the guests into the hall.
Chris gave the guests the welcome talk and then the group headed out into the main part of the hall where Kathryn and the guests made a circle and Chris delivered the white light protection to the group.
We then set up a seance and then let it go live on the Facebook page.
During this session we experienced, knocks, taps, bangs, light anomalies as well as cold breezes and chairs being moved or kicked while guests and team members where sat on them.
During this session we got some names which we used to call out to the spirits of the building, some of which envocked responces, including a huge bang when Kathryn talked about how schools were now compared to when the building was new.
During this it was requested that one of the male guests upstairs by themselves into the room on the second floor, the rest of the group went into a small store room.
The group, which was mostly women immediately expressed high levels of discomfort almost as if we weren’t meant to be in this room at all and we were not welcome. There was also a box up in the top shelf that seemed to flow for no reason at all.
While the male guest was in the room by himself he caught an amazing EVP in response to one of the questions he asked out into the room.

It was at this point we decided to take a break before the group all went upstairs into the room
where the EVP had been caught.

Armed with lots of equipment, including rem pods, EMF meters and the touch sensitive bear, we went up into the room and spread out.
We immediately got responces to questions using the equipment, especially the bear.
The room also would get lighter and darker to the point where you couldn’t see the person next to you at different stages of the night.
We established that we were talking to a lady but could not establish a name, and that something terrible happened in the room, but we could not narrow down the event or when it happened.
We were also able to establish that a gentleman called Edward was in the building and that he didn’t realise he had passed on and that when he was alive he worked for fhe church.
He also didn’t really agree with what we were doing in the building either.

We decided to take another quick break and then decided to stay in the base camp for the last part of the evening.
Chris decided to use the white noise app to stir up activity for one last push to keep the energy going.
A couple of the guests tried using the black mirror to see if they could get any images through, and they saw changes to their faces.
On more than one occasion we all heard Chris’ name come through on the app, which was a really interesting way to the end the evening.

It was a great investigation and Yarm did not disappoint us at all.
We will be back to the fellowship hall soon to investigate again.
We look forward to seeing our lovely guests again very soon.