YORK DUNGEONS – 27th November 2021



Me and Chris started our night by welcoming our guests in the Dungeons. From there we took our guests up to the base camp which was set up in the plague doctors room…. Chris did his speech to the guests and the white light protection and from there we started our investigation down in the Kings Manor Labyrinth where we did our group photo. After we captured our group photo Chris placed an emf detector on the floor and proceeded to calling out to the spirits of York Dungeons. We were getting spikes on the emf detector so I tried some calling out with Chris and we got further spikes on the EMF.

We then moved down the hallway towards the mirror maze where we were getting the feeling of a little girls spirit following us. We got some great activity on the EMF near the mirror maze as well as some tapping and 1 of our guests was even touched on the back. We then moved further through the property into a hallway where Chris and the group were getting some activity, I moved out of the room and went with a few of the guests just on the other side of where Chris was. Me and one of our guests heard foot steps and a door close down towards the court room …. At this point me, Chris and the group decided to go and take a break back at base camp.

Once our break was over we decided to move down to the curse of the witch area where 2 of our guest sat in cages . We then moved to the Viking hall where we took an REM bear, some marbles and our EMF detector, however we didn’t seem to get a lot of activity in the Viking hall so Chris took a few of the guest into the York minister room… My group stayed in the Viking hall but we didn’t receive much activity in there so we decided to join Chris over in the minister where we got some great activity! Wendy our paranormal doll was lighting up which 1 of our guests had hold of, Chris got the name of Jack through in his intuition in our investigation of the York minister room.

Later on in our investigation Chris turned on the spirit box and we did indeed get the name Jack through there. The guest saw multiple shadows on our investigation in York minister. I took a few members of the group down to the court room where I placed an REM bear and an EMF detector where we got few taps and what sounded like nails scratching on the wall.

We then started to proceed back to base camp as the event had come to a end.

Thank you to all our guests at York Dungeons… and we will see you again very soon.